NIJISANJI VTuber Mika Melatika’s friends thought she was just fans

NIJISANJI VTuber Mika Melatika’s friends thought she was just fans: It can be challenging to describe your work when you’re a VTuber. Not only is streaming a cutting-edge entertainment industry, but how do you incorporate the fact that you’re using an avatar and not your face? What if you want to protect your privacy?

Many people struggle with this problem, especially the VTubers agency. What they are allowed to say and show, even off-stream, can be spelled out in their contracts, as Micah Melatika of NIJISANJI did.

So Mika Melatika wanted to change the subject as quickly as possible when she recently went to a party with friends and brought up the question of her work: “Hey Micah, what are you doing now? – asked one of them. like what are you doing these days?’ I’m under contract so I can’t say anything. I also won’t announce that I’m streaming.

“I changed the subject by saying, ‘Oh, I’m just working anyway.’ Sometimes things end there, but not in Mika’s case. Instead, one person continued to bring up the topic as he had another idea.

“One of my friends literally said, ‘Mika, you have to be careful!’ because they didn’t want to change the subject. I asked “Why?” I cringed when they remarked, “You know you can put rules in your description.”

NIJISANJI VTuber Mika Melatika's friends thought she was just fans
NIJISANJI VTuber Mika Melatika’s friends thought she was just fans

“First, does that mean they know me? They read my rules, second? This person, who? They answered, “Rules so they don’t abuse the things you do,” to my question, “What do you mean rules in my description.”

“Oh my God, what do you mean?” I exclaimed. Are you telling me that in addition to the fact that you know, now there is controversy and turmoil around me, someone is abusing my content? I was panicking because I wanted to know what was going on, but I didn’t want to confirm their suspicions. What if I prove they were straight?

The friend’s hint of OnlyFans became apparent as the conversation continued. Although Micah has tried to deflect attention from what he’s doing, the lack of confirmation and any rumors floating around behind closed doors have raised some questions.

“Okay Micah, I’m just going to say this, but I’m sure you know you’ve been doing this for a while, but sometimes when someone pays for a subscription, they don’t want to be the only one to see it, so they’ll show pictures to other people and then those other people won’t pay for your subscriptions and then you’ll just lose customers.” they said.

We had a discussion about it and yes, my friends were legitimately convinced for the past six months that I had OnlyFan. I asked them, “What makes you think I’m sharing pictures of my OnlyFans t-shirts? “

The best part of the story, however, may be how it came to be. This is the standard parental slander. It seems that Mika’s roommate’s grandmother somehow learned what she was doing and spread the news.

However, instead of identifying her as a VTuber, which she had no idea what that was, she just called her “night worker”, which further exaggerates the situation. “Mika’s had this steady job for a year,” they tell their grandparents, and it’s quote-unquote,

“like she’ll literally start work at 8pm, sometimes she starts work at 10pm, sometimes she finishes at 4am.” Just follow me on this one. She will be watched by many people who will then pay her for the things she does on the internet.

Mika’s main concern right now is how far this information has spread. Clearing the record will be difficult because she can’t just turn around and claim to be a VTuber. While making sure the air is clear, she has a flawless plan: I’m not sure who knows right now. i had to say “I’m not doing OnlyFans by the way, I have things to do.”

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