New Twitter owner Elon Musk will start charging $20 per month for verification

Elon Musk, Twitter’s new “Chief Tweeter,” is considering adding verification to Twitter Blue while raising the price of the subscription service. Essentially, this would result in users being charged a $20 monthly fee to maintain their Blue Check badge.

Elon Musk, who recently acquired control of Twitter for $44 billion, intends to do just that charge $20 per month for Twitter Blue subscription to get the verification badge.

Naturally, many people have said they’d rather just be unconfirmed. Musk’s new era at Twitter began last week with a flurry of firings and an increase in insults signaling significant changes for the company.

According to a Platformer report published on Sunday, Twitter may soon require users to have a paid subscription to Twitter Blue in order to maintain their verified status. Currently, Twitter verification simply charges the psychological toll of being on the hellish site and rewards verified accounts with a small checkmark badge.

Twitter will start charging $20 per month for verification
Twitter will start charging $20 per month for verification

Additional, according to The Verge, has plans to raise the price of a Twitter Blue subscription from the already exorbitant $4.99 monthly fee to a staggering $19.99 per month. It’s the same price as a premium Netflix subscription, but the content is noticeably lower.

Twitter’s planned modifications may make it possible for non-verified users to effectively purchase the desired blue check badge. Currently, Twitter only recognizes notable accounts that come from “prominently recognized individuals or brands” as verified accounts.

Anyone who meets the other two requirements of being active on Twitter and verifying their identity will likely be able to be verified if the modification is approved. The fight against disinformation and impersonation can be helped by this.

Unfortunately, the $19.99 monthly price with a blue tick greatly reduces the appeal.

Users will have 90 days to subscribe when Twitter’s new rule goes into effect or they will lose their blue tick. What will happen to verified users in nations where Twitter Blue is not available ie. any nation other than the US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand is not yet known. It’s also not known if Musk paid that much attention.

Twitter Blue users can currently edit their tweets, upload 1080p videos, and view the articles that receive the most shares on their network. Since there is a non-zero chance that someone who pays for Twitter is also interested in cryptocurrencies, this also allows accounts to use NFTs as their profile picture. None of this seems worth the money spent, even with certification.

As annoying as it is, the editing option has always been an extra that had to be purchased, not just part of Twitter’s base offering. A previously free feature will be locked behind a paywall under Musk’s proposal to change Twitter’s verification mechanism, a move that has never been well received.

To put it mildly, responses to Musk’s proposed modification to Twitter’s verification process have been derisive.

Along with how unpopular these changes are, Musk won’t win many fans for the way he appears to have implemented them.

The CEO tweeted: “I’m walking into Twitter HQ – let that sink in!” on October 27, 2022. Since Elon had to go to work to fulfill his $44 billion bid to acquire Twitter, it’s obvious why he brought the sink inside the headquarters.

According to a report by The Verge, Twitter employees were informed on Sunday that if they didn’t adopt Twitter Blue’s new pricing and verification system by Nov. 7, it would result in their termination, giving them less than 10 days to do so. this. Twitter’s work-life balance has likely suffered significantly.

Musk seems to believe that his modifications to Twitter Blue will increase the profitability of the business. However, many accounts may simply let their verified status expire without regret if Twitter decides to make verification a paid option.

The blue tick label will simply become a pointer to which idiots have banded together to pay Twitter $19.99 every month instead of fighting misinformation.

Final lines

Elon Musk, who now controls Twitter after his $44 billion transaction, plans to charge $20/month for a Twitter Blue subscription to get the verification badge. Verified users have 90 days to subscribe or lose their status. Staff have until November 7 to start the feature or be fired.

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