New blood test to improve early detection of breast cancer now available in Singapore

Raffles Medical Group announced on Monday (September 26) that it had added Mastocheck, a new diagnostic tool for breast cancer, to its list of medical screening services, adding that it was the first healthcare provider to do so in Singapore.

Developed by the South Korean company Bertis, Mastocheck is a blood test that can be used to complement routine mammography to improve your chances of detecting signs of breast cancer early.

It’s a cost-effective method that requires “only a small amount of blood” for diagnosis, Raffles Medical Group said in a news release.

Mastocheck was first approved for human use by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in 2019.

“Asian women tend to have denser breasts, where there is more glandular tissue than fatty tissue. In these cases, breast cancers can be difficult to detect with routine mammograms.

“Mastocheck can therefore be used to complement routine mammography to increase the accuracy of early breast cancer detection,” said the medical group, which has 37 stores in Singapore.
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