Netflix cancels another series but this time everyone is happy

Big budget and big expectations don’t always go hand in hand, and Netflix is ​​pushing zombies to the grave.

At the moment Netflix is ​​the carnage on all sides. Subscribers are outraged by the price increase and many projects are canceled and sometimes even nipped in the bud. But as the characters enter resident Evil struggled to survive its own apocalypse, even Netflix didn’t spare them. After just one season failing to convince viewers and fans of the license, the series based on the horror game of Capcom makes the joy of its opponents.

Some liked it, others hated it, but it must be admitted that the series missed the mark more than it provided a decent adaptation. After these mixed and mostly conflicting returns, this is one of the first times users of the N rouge platform will welcome a cancellation. However, resident Evil he had some good ideas that might have worked out very well. The storytelling between two eras was quite well thought out and the author of the series already had plans to include iconic characters in the new seasons such as Lady Dimitrescu of Resident Evil Village. Unfortunately, then, we will never get the chance to discover our favorite sharp-clawed grand dame on Netflix …

Netflix and video games

The love story between streaming platform and video games never ends, even if it is tumultuous. With some changes, the platform has managed to convince both players and an entire audience. We therefore find real successes such as: Castlevania or the cartoon of cup. These projects have the advantage of being very faithful, probably thanks to the animation format that offers more freedom. However, Netflix has no plans to stop game-inspired series and movies.

In fact, the next big project of its kind is nothing short of a series Horizon Zero sunrise. PlayStation and Netflix must therefore make a big bet on each other to make an adaptation that will pay tribute to both sides. The appeal of the video game platform also revolves around smartphones with a whole catalog of mobile games offered at no additional cost to subscribers. There are real gold nuggets, yet this service is used by less than one percent of users. So, if you’re not sure which game to install on your phone, check out Netflix’s offers. You may find your next crush there!

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