Nepal cricketer Sandeep Lamichhane says he will return home after allegations of sexual harassment. cricket news

Former Nepal cricket captain Sandeep Lamichhane, recently accused of sexual assault by a minor, hopes to return to his country as soon as possible. Lamichhane remains a fugitive as Nepalese police begin the process of issuing an Interpol warrant for his arrest. Speaking to Facebook for the second time since a case of sexual harassment by a minor was recorded, the former national cricketer reiterated that he would return to Nepal “at the right time”.

It has been 19 days since the arrest warrant was issued against him by the Kathmandu District Court.

“It is my privilege to join the national cricket team at the age of 16. It wasn’t something that could have been won with my little hard work. I have always carried on with the desire to keep Nepal’s name high in the world of cricket. I am proud to bring my laurels to Nepal through my hard work.

Furthermore, Lamichhane said: “I learned of the complaint filed against me and the false accusation of rape. It has affected and damaged not only my mental health, but also my physical health.

Speaking of his mental distress, he said he was currently in solitary confinement without mentioning where he was: “All of these things affected me mentally on the one hand and on the other hand I had to deal with a physical illness. So I decided to isolate myself for a while. .

However, Lamichhane has not recently been in contact with the police and the Nepal Cricket Association (CAN). He said the warrant issued in his name and the public denunciation against him had mentally exhausted him.

“I am mentally and physically struck by the portrayal of a criminal based on false accusations, I have returned to normal on the advice of doctors and my health is slowly improving and I leave for Nepal as soon as possible.” I intend to return. Defend the false complaint against me.


A 17-year-old girl filed a complaint accusing Lamichhane of taking her to various places in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur during the day on August 21 and took her to a hotel in Kathmandu’s Sinamangal where she was sexually assaulted the same night.

Lamikchen represented Nepal in 30 ODI and 44 T20 internationals, winning respectively 69 and 85 wickets in the two formats. He is a spin thrower.

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