National Honey Month: 7 Benefits of Pampering Your Skin With The Sweetness Of Honey

National Honey Month is celebrated around the world in September. It aims to promote the beekeeping industry and honey as a natural sweetener.

This month is dedicated to recognizing and identifying the benefits of honey for our general well-being and health. We like honey for more reasons than its delicious flavor. This delicious and sticky superfood is also a legitimate beauty enhancer.

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities of honey have been mentioned in Ayurveda. And today’s beauty experts swear by its properties for youthful skin. The benefits of honey for skin care are innumerable. let’s take a look at them

Honey contains skin lightening properties and with regular use makes the skin healthy and hydrated. “While honey is great for treating dry skin, it also works wonders on oily, acne-prone and combination skin. Contrary to what you might think, it has skin balancing benefits that leave the skin hydrated and cleansed without any feeling of excessive greasiness, ”says Shreedha Singh, CEO and co-founder of The Ayurveda Company (TAC).

Applying honey to the face with a light rub removes dry, dead skin and renews the fresh skin cells underneath as it is a natural exfoliant.

Quick advice– Mix one tablespoon of sugar with two tablespoons of honey. “After applying this mixture evenly to the skin for about 10 minutes, rub it gently in a circular fashion. To get rid of the stickiness, use a damp towel to clean the skin, ”Singh adds.

Honey has soothing properties and can help reverse UV damage and relieve skin irritation by nourishing tissues that have been damaged. To make a mixture, combine two teaspoons of aloe vera gel with one teaspoon of honey. “Apply this mixture on your sunburn and leave it on for an hour. Follow this process every day and you will notice a visible improvement in your skin,” Singh notes.

As a natural humectant, honey is a great moisturizer. Contains moisture which helps reduce wrinkles. In addition, the antioxidant properties of honey moisturize dry skin and reverse aging.

Quick tip- Make a face mask by combining a tablespoon of papaya or curd with a tablespoon of honey. Apply all over the face for 30 minutes, then rinse.

Apply raw honey directly to the areas affected by acne, leave on for 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water. “You can also leave it on overnight to let the honey’s healing properties do its magic on the blemishes. Rinse it off the next morning, “Singh says.

Honey fights acne-causing germs with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Apply a thin layer of honey on your face and keep it on for 30 minutes. Use plain water to wash your face.

Honey helps remove blackheads by cleaning pores with its antibacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant characteristics. For a clear complexion, it moisturizes and tightens the pores of the skin.

Quick tip- Consider combining two tablespoons of jojoba oil or coconut oil with one tablespoon of raw honey. Apply the mixture on clean, dry skin and massage gently in circular motions avoiding the area around the eyes. Use cold water to rinse.

Honey is a great ingredient for your skin. Rich in nutrients, it ensures the well-being of the skin. It can be easily incorporated into your daily beauty regimen.

If you want to use honey every day, try including natural skin care products like face cleanser, face cream, serum, honey scrub and Ayurvedic herbs for glowing skin.

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