Nancy Pelosi is ‘heartbroken and traumatized’ after her husband was attacked at home

Nancy Pelosi had something to say about the violent attack on her husband, Paul, at their San Francisco home Friday morning.

The Speaker of the House, who is 82, posted a news release on his website Saturday night. In it, she talked about what had happened the previous day and gave an update on her husband’s health.

“Yesterday morning, a violent man broke into our family home, demanded to be confronted and brutally attacked my husband, Paul,” Nancy Pelosi shared on her website. “Our children, our grandchildren and I are heartbroken and traumatized by the life-threatening attack on our dad.”

She added: “We are grateful for the quick response of law enforcement and emergency services and the life-saving medical care he received.”

NBC Bay Area says Paul had to undergo brain surgery as part of his medical care. A source told the news outlet that Paul, also 82, was also wounded in the face by the hammer-wielding intruder and is in stable condition. The news source said there were Secret Service agents at the hospital.

US Capitol Police said Nancy was in Washington when the overnight attack took place. According to CNN sources, the intruder “confronted the speaker’s husband” and yelled, “Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy?” The criminal then tried to tie Paul up “until Nancy got home,” and when police arrived he was still “waiting for Nancy,” sources said.

Continuing her post over the weekend, Nancy wrote: “Please know that the outpouring of prayers and well wishes from so many in Congress is comforting to our family and helping Paul make progress with his recovery. His condition continues to improve.”

Before asking for prayers for the “continued safety and well-being of your family,” Nancy also shared some words from the Book of Isaiah: “Fear not, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will support you with my righteous right hand.

The man who broke into Nancy’s house was caught as the US Capitol Police, the FBI and the San Francisco Police Department worked together to find out why they did it. President Joe Biden also got involved, calling the House Speaker, who is second in line for president, to express his support.

“The President is praying for Paul Pelosi and the entire Speaker Pelosi family,” White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre wrote in a statement. “He is also delighted that a full recovery is expected.” The president continues to condemn any violence and asks that the family’s wishes for privacy be respected.

Nancy Pelosi has been harassed and threatened in the past, as the January 6, 2021 when rebels took over the US Capitol. Some of the people who violently stormed the Capitol were looking for the speaker and had taken over her office. One man even stole her chair, which was a big deal and got him 75 days in jail. Another person in the crowd wrote “PELOSI IS SATAN” on a police car.

Nancy could be seen talking about how angry she was at then-President Donald Trump in footage of the attack that was not shown on television. The footage was shot by her daughter, documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi. In the recently released video, when her chief of staff tells her that the Secret Service “talked” Trump into coming to Capitol Hill, she says she’s going to “kill him.”

“If he comes, I’ll beat him up,” said Nancy. “I was waiting for this, to enter the Capitol grounds. I’ll beat him up and go to jail and be happy.”

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