Naa Peru Meenakshi (ETV) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More

Naa Peru Meenakshi (ETV) Serial Cast, Times, History, Real Name, Wiki and more: ETV’s Naa Peru Meenakshi Serial is a Telugu family drama soap opera. Premiere on January 26, 2015, the show aired weekdays at 8:30 pm IST (8:30 pm). Meenakshi is a beautiful and naive middle-class family girl who is the protagonist of this story.

Naa Peru Meenakshi


Radha Krishna Vanamali, a wealthy businessman, enters his life and immediately begins to experience dramatic changes. According to BARC viewer numbers, the popular ETV series Naa Peru Meenakshi has had a prominent position (for more than three weeks). Arka Mediaworks, the studio responsible for making Baahubali, is also behind Naa Peru Meenakshi.

Naa Peru Meenakshi (ETV)

She is best known as Pooja in The Serial Vani Rani which airs on Sun TV. You said in an interview that you don’t belong even a little to the character of Meenakshi; she is not a person who has patience in life. She is not innocent, and has been a very independent girl for the past 11 years. Faced with similar challenges to Meenakshi, she often feels helpless.

Naa Peru Meenakshi Cast

Navya Swamy like Meenakshi

Naa Peru Meenakshi Cast

Madhusudhan like Krishna

Naa Peru Meenakshi Cast

Sandhya like Gouthami

Naa Peru Meenakshi Cast

Veena Ponnappa how Agarwal

Naa Peru Meenakshi Cast


Naa Peru Meenakshi Cast

Naa Peru Meenakshi Times

ETV has a new Telegu drama series called Naa Peru Meenakshi Serial. The first episode of this series premiered on January 26, 2015. Naa Peru Meenakshi played Navya Swamy and Madhusudhan. The main character, Meenakshi, is an extraordinarily attractive young woman from a middle-class family. Her life becomes full of difficulties when she falls in love with Radha Krishna.

channel name ETV
Serial times 20:30 (Monday-Saturday)
Execution time 22 minutes
Start date January 26, 2015
Tongue Telugu
Village India

Naa Peru Meenakshi History

A false attempt to pronounce “Peru” Meenakshi is also a touching romantic comedy about a man with a lot of brains and a woman with a lot of heart. Radha Krishna Vanamali comes from a wealthy upper-class corporate-type business family and his wife, the traditional hidden beauty Meenakshi, comes from a middle-class family. The managing director of Allika Designs is Radha Krishna Vanamali, son of Dhanraj Vanamali and Aparna Vanamali. Dhanraj is a well-known businessman with an admirable outlook and his wife, Aparna, is an intelligent woman. She is perpetually concerned with making sure she and her loved ones have the ideal personality types.

For the next six months, Meenakshi, who currently works as a designer for a textile company, will take on the role of company manager. She is kind enough to be laughed at by her colleagues, yet she is still naive enough to believe their insults. Meenakshi’s qualities are appreciated by Krish’s father. Krish relies heavily on Meenakshi to secure a profitable contract for her business. Krish’s brother Balaram abuses his parents. Dissatisfied with Krish’s high status, he says this treatment is unfair. Krish and Meenakshi’s wedding was a total accident. Despite various events, they eventually remarry in public. Balaram makes an unfortunate attempt to take revenge on Krish by using Meenakshi as a weapon. Krish’s father assigns full authority to Meenakshi at the time of his death and a lawyer is protecting his will.

Serial name Naa Peru Meenakshi
Genre Soap opera
Start date January 26, 2015
End date January 18, 2022
No. of episodes 1.997
Times Mon to Sat 20:30
Execution time 22 minutes
Channel ETV
Tongue Telugu
Director Jai Kumar
Producer N / A
Production house Arka Mediaworks

It’s the best serial I’ve ever seen until the end of the hero character, when he suddenly becomes the worst. After that, I only watched the serials if they had Meenakshi and Krishna, and Meenakshi in particular because of the director’s excellent character design. Particularly impressive was Navya Swamy, who played Meenakshi.

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