MyPillow CEO says FBI seized his phone at Hardee’s

WASHINGTON (AP) – MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell said on Tuesday that federal agents confiscated his cell phone and questioned him about an employee in Colorado, which prosecutors say is used nationwide. The vote-in system was a “deceptive scheme” for breaking technology.

Lindell was approached by several FBI agents at Hardy’s fast food drive-thru in Mankato, Minnesota, he said on his “The Lindell Report” podcast. He said officers questioned him about his connection to the Dominion voting system, Mesa County employee Tina Peters, and Doug Frank, an Ohio teacher who claims voting machines were manipulated, said. said.

He said the officers told Lindell they had a warrant to confiscate his cell phone and ordered him to turn it on. In a video version of his podcast, Lindell posted a letter signed by a US assistant attorney in Colorado stating that prosecutors were conducting a “formal criminal investigation into an alleged crime” and noted the use of a grand jury. federal. .

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