My role got cut, my heart broke: Rashi Mali

Actress-singer Raashi Mal says investing creatively has made her mentally and emotionally strong.

helicopter And M. Says the actor: “After taking several training courses, in acting and singing, I slowly began to approach bagging projects in both areas. Things get really tough for people who don’t have a film background. But then I had my love of music and acting that inspired me to get through the tough times.

The 28-year-old actor once remembers his movie role being cut.

“I worked a lot on the role. I started playing the character and it broke my heart when the movie came out. But, as the director explained, I realized that those things were worth it. It happens to adults, so I was new! Now I understand the point of view that you have to work hard and move on. You cannot carry the weight of the result on your shoulders ”.

hindmata And missing stone The actors are excited about their upcoming theatrical release.

“Ayaan (Mukherjee) is a family acquaintance and I also identify with him. When this role came to my mind, I was thrilled to be sharing the screen with Alia (Bhatt) and Ranbir (Kapoor). But when I had to join him on set in just two days, for me it was like any other project where I have to play my role to its fullest potential. it does not affect my performance. I worked very hard to elevate my chart by consciously taking projects that improved it by a notch …

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