My neighbors hate my new building – but it actually INCREASES the value of their house

A LAND OWNER fighting to build a controversial bungalow has hit back at his neighbors for behaving “like a pack of wolves”.

Mark Copeland has rubbished residents’ claims that his new build has devalued their home by £30,000, insisting: “It’s a very nice property and it only enhances theirs!”

Neighbors have been left furious after an “intrusive” bungalow was built next door to their homes in Newthorpe, NottsCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
The new building sparked a bitter feud between warring residentsCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
Terry Cook, 81, forked out £3,000 for trees to block ‘eyesore’ bungalowCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
Roger and Sharon Smith from Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, branded the newly built bungalow next doorCredit: Nottinghamshire Live/BPM

The former boss of a construction company has spoken out after angry locals accused him of an “eyesore” new bungalow in the desirable village of Newthorpe, Nottinghamshire.

After winning a bitter years-long planning dispute ‘fair and square’, Mark, speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, said: ‘The neighbors were alarmed by the build and were abusive and insulting.

“I almost decided not to continue if it wasn’t for the discord in the town hall and the municipal council.

“Some neighbors were quite abusive to me at a meeting and also a councilor was giving incorrect facts and defaming my character.”

Local couple Roger and Sharon Smith claim the ‘obtrusive’ bungalow behind their four-bed detached home has brought the price down to £30,000.

They complain that the roof is so close to their garden that they can reach out and touch it.

But Mark disputed their claims, saying: “The Smiths are suggesting they have lost £30,000 on their house, which is a four-bed detached and should be worth £300,000, but the bungalow is a very nice property and only enhances theirs.”

Another couple living next door, pensioners Terry and Mary Cook, have been forced to spend £3,000 on a hedge to screen the new build and stop being spied on.

But although Terry, 81, described the legal dispute as “horrendous”, his neighbor has now told how he “won the day”.

Mark admitted today: “It was a difficult and expensive process trying to reassure the neighbours.

“It took five applications and drawings. All was done duly and properly, but nothing proposed appeased the neighbours.

“Their objections were obnoxious and obstructive.

“If it was two stories, it would have less of an impact on the footprint.

“Eventually the plans were accepted by the inspector. Nothing was done on the sly.”

“It was a bit difficult and I was going to decide not to go on but a friend said I should go on and if I didn’t he wouldn’t be my friend anymore.”

We won the second appeal fair and square. We won the day.

Mark Copeland

Mark and his wife lived in a five-bed house next door in Mill Lane and intended to downsize to the new bungalow, but an ongoing feud with neighbors over planning forced them to move.

He explained: “The attitude of the neighbors got worse, we weren’t evicted but we decided to move to the countryside in Lincolnshire.

He recounted how he once took the offer to the Smiths – whose home is tucked away in the bungalow – “and I invited them to my house with my wife, but they refused that meeting.”

He said: “We wanted to work together but they refused and joined forces with other properties, one belonging to an ex-miner next door, and they were like a pack of wolves.”

Mark, who ran a building company specializing in home alterations until six years ago, told how he sold the land with planning permission to a developer who then sold it to David and Brenda Kitching.

He said, “It’s out of my hands twice now.”

He didn’t know the new owners personally, but casually said he knew about the Kitchings because they had previously bought a house from him.

He told how, when he sold the land to a developer, that buyer called him to say that “Mrs. Smith is being abusive and not very nice.

“I said to him, ‘You’ve got full planning permission, get to work and enjoy building a bungalow!’

“They were a bit like a dog with a bone, but now there is no animosity towards the owners.”

His daughter Joanna Copeland lives next door to the old family home – the controversial bungalow is on land that was once her back garden.

Plans for the single-storey house have been rejected repeatedly by Broxtowe Borough Council and once by the Government’s planning inspectorate when appealed by the applicant.

But another appeal was allowed in July 2018 and permission was finally granted for construction to begin – leading to the home being built two years ago after the land was sold by Mark.

The years-long feud has left a lasting impression on the furious neighbors.

Roger, 59, said: “It’s completely drowning out our garden. We had to put up blinds to keep our privacy and it ruined the light. It definitely devalued our home as well.

“I just can’t believe it was ever built to be honest.”

His wife, 61, added: ‘It’s so haunting and intimate. You can reach out and touch the roof from our garden.

“Look, I can touch the roof! It’s intrusive, it’s in your face, but we have to get used to it. They should have built further back.

“We’re told it may have taken £25,000 to £30,000 off the house.

“It has reached the Government Inspectorate and Mr Copeland has left his legacy.

“The council kept rejecting his plans and then he got away.”

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