Musk Says SpaceX Will Keep Funding Starlink for Ukraine

Elon Musk said on Saturday that his rocket company, SpaceX, would continue to fund its Starlink internet service in Ukraine, citing the need for “good deeds”, the day after he said he could no longer afford it.

Musk tweeted: “Damn … even if Starlink continues to lose money and other companies receive billions of taxpayer dollars, we will continue to fund the Ukrainian government for free.

Musk said Friday that SpaceX cannot fund Starlink in Ukraine indefinitely. The service helped civilians and military to stay online during the war with Russia.

While it wasn’t immediately clear whether Musk’s change of mind was genuine, it later seemed to indicate that it was. When a Twitter user told Musk “No good deeds go unpunished”, he replied “Even so, we should still do good deeds.”

The billionaire talked online with Ukrainian officials about a peace plan he proposed that Ukraine says it is too generous to Russia.

He made his remarks Friday about the funding after a media report that SpaceX had asked the Pentagon to pay for Starlink donations.

SpaceX did not respond to a request for comment. The Pentagon declined to comment.

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