Monika Tu Net Worth As Luxe Listing Sydney’s Real Estate Agent For Season 3

Monica Tu is a business woman and reality star, born in China and raised in Australia. She takes part in the second season of Lux Listing Sydney and is co-founder and director of the Diamondz Group.

Her husband, JD Khattar, and they created another Diamondz band. In the second season of Lux Listing Sydney, Monica Tu sells luxury homes to her famous clients.

The first season of Lux Listing Sydney, which premiered on Amazon Prime Video on July 9, 2021, was joined by D’Lean Lewis, Gavin Rubinstein and Simon Cohen, a buyer’s agent.

The six-part series follows Gavin Rubenstein, Simon Cohen and D’Lean Lewis as they bustle, bargain and bargain in the Sydney real estate market.

Monica You
Monica You

Monica Tu Net Worth: Her Job as a Real Estate Agent for Lux Listing in Sydney

Many different sources claim that Monica Tu’s successful professional career has earned her a net worth of $ 100 million. Monica is known for taking the lead and having the vision to see opportunities where others don’t.

When she first moved to Australia she had nowhere to live, so she started Diamondz Property Concierge to help newcomers settle down.

Monica’s business, Diamonds, sells land worth over $ 200 million annually and actively made a profit of $ 85 million in the first three months of 2020. Considering what she does for a living, it’s a good way to get rich.

Monica has done well in a field where men are the majority and where honesty, trustworthiness and knowledge are important. Monica broke stereotypes and changed the rules with her unique way of interacting and working with clients.

For this reason, hundreds of business women have been inspired around the world, helping to change the role of women in business. Monica Tu is the founder and director of the Diamondz Group. You are a renowned businessman and entrepreneur who has won numerous awards.

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How did Monica Tu start her own business?

Monica completed her undergraduate studies at the Sichuan Institute of Foreign Languages ​​in 1982. At the age of 25 she moved to Australia to study International Business at RMIT University in Melbourne.

During her early years in Melbourne, she knew little or no English, so she had to work long hours as a waitress and even sell tricks to pay the bills.

Tu told DailyMail that when she was a student at RMIT, she did any job, even washing dishes 12 hours a day, seven days a week, because she didn’t think about anything. she was too small or too big. East.

In 1987, while still in college, he founded LASER Corporation in a garage in Surry Hills to import and sell 5.25 ” floppy disks and containers.

After graduating from RMIT University in 1992, Monica moved to Sydney and founded her first company, LASER Corporation. This was the beginning of her full-time career as a businessman.

After running her first business well for 20 years, Tu retired in 2007 and moved in with her daughter, Mylin Liu.

how she became a diamond trader

When Monica moved to Australia she had nowhere to live, so she founded Diamond’s Property Concierge to help newcomers adjust to their new life there.

Monica is known for her drive to become an entrepreneur and her ability to see opportunities others miss. When she Tu started Diamondz Properties, she didn’t know how to get or sell ads, but she soon realized that her strength lay in finding a buyer.

At the time, a friend put him in contact with a wealthy Chinese buyer who wanted to buy a luxury property in Australia. He sold the property to this Chinese buyer for $ 13.5 million.

In the beginning, Diamondz Group had only two employees. Today it has over 35 employees, including JD Khattar, Monica Tu’s husband and co-founder of the company.

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Monica is the real estate agent for Tu Is Luxe Listing in Sydney

In 2021, it was revealed that Monica Tu had been added to the Lux Listing Sydney cast to make the show more racially diverse.

On Australian TV shows, people see agents trying to get what they want by negotiating, arguing and working hard. You are the leader and founder of the Diamondz group. He is a businessman and entrepreneur who has won numerous awards.

In 2018 she was a finalist for the EA Most Influential Woman in Property Award and the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

He also won the 2020 Robb Report PFI Award for Real Estate Agents and Consultants and was nominated for CEO Magazine’s 2019 CEO of the Year Award.

Over the years it has grown rapidly in Chinese, Sino-Australian, overseas and Australian communities and business networks due to its innovative intercultural capabilities and multicultural understanding.

Monica is an international culture advocate, guest speaker, luxury brand ambassador, and serial entrepreneur. She has done things that many people can only dream of.

In 2019, he sold some of Australia’s most expensive homes, including the most expensive, to billionaires around the world.

Who is JD Khattar? he is monica tu’s husband

Monica is happily married to JD Khattar, who loves and helps her.

They also have a daughter, Mylyn Liu, who was a property manager and sales manager at Diamondz Group and is now an executive assistant at Dijons Real Estate. Melin was born on July 2, 2000, when she married JD Khattar.

Guizhou Chinese real estate agent Monika Tu is one of the best real estate agents in all of Australia. Tu moved from Shenzhen to Australia in 1988 so that he could get a better education and lead a better life.

You had to work seven days a week to make ends meet. When she went to RMIT to study international business, she did the dishes as a waitress and sold cosmetics to earn money.

Monica Tu, also known as Tu Yanling, is the founder of the Diamondz Group. She attended Li-Davis High School even though she was born in 1963 in the Chinese state of Guizhou.

Monica You
Monica You

What’s your name?

The law says that JD Khattar and Monica Tu are married. Many people believe that Khattar is the co-founder and co-manager of the “Dark Diamondz Group”, which has won many awards and broke many records.

In 2009, JD and her handsome husband, Monica, planned the event. Some have quickly become the go-to company for off-market, luxury and very expensive properties in Sydney.

In 2014, the Alliance of Hong Kong Business Association awarded the company an “International Success Story Award”. Australia is the country for which the award was awarded.

Monica You can be seen on social media

Monica Tu, a well-known businesswoman, is active on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Since she remains active on social networks, it is very important to get to know her.

She is active on Instagram under the name @ monikatu88 where she currently has 24.3k followers, 1.7k followers and 2.7k posts. The way she shows her interest in the site is fantastic.

He talked a lot about his business in his posts. Her bio contains information about her company and anyone who wishes to purchase from her can click on a link to obtain that information. She also explored every article on offer.

Monica Tu is not on Twitter, but some of her fans have kept her information open. Also, Monica Tu often posts updates about herself and her activity on Facebook like Monica Tu.

With a strong drive for success and a lot of confidence, Monica has worked from a humble start to become one of Australia’s leading luxury property and lifestyle experts. She now helps very wealthy people who want to move to Australia or make big purchases.

Who are you Monica?

Monica Tu is a Chinese-Australian business woman. She started and leads the Black Diamonds group.

Monica, how old are you?

He will turn 59 in 2022.

What is Monica Tu’s net worth?

Monica Tu is estimated to be around $ 100 million.

Monica Tu Bio, founder of the Black Diamonds group

Monica Tu, 59, is known as the “Chinese-Australian real estate queen”. She is also the founder and director of the Black Diamondz Group, Australia’s leading luxury real estate company. Although she has been making headlines in the business world, she has been talking about her around the world since the second season of Lux Listing Sydney.

In the first season of Lux Listing Sydney on Prime, viewers watched top real estate broker Gavin Rubinstein, Oliver Lavers, and buyer’s agent Simon Cohen. On April 1, at the second season premiere of Lux Listing Sydney, fans were shocked when new real estate queen Monica Tu appeared on the show. She is a figure who has sold luxury homes worth approximately $ 2.15 billion in just 13 years since she founded her real estate company Black Diamonds.

How Monica Tu started working in the business world

Monica completed her undergraduate studies at the Sichuan Institute of Foreign Languages ​​in 1982, but when she was 25 she moved to Australia to study international economics at Melbourne’s RMIT University.

In his early years, when he lived in Melbourne, he hardly spoke English. To support herself, she worked as a waitress as much as possible and even sold cosmetics.

Tu told DailyMail that when she was a student at RMIT, she didn’t think a job was too small or too big, so she worked seven days a week, even washing dishes 12 hours a day.

In 1987 he founded LASER Corporation in a garage in Surry Hills while still in college. It imported and sold 5.25-inch floppy disks and cases.

In 1992, Monica graduated from RMIT University. Later, she moved to Sydney and started developing her first business, LASER Corporation, so that she could become a full-time businessman.

After building her first successful business in 20 years, Tu retired in 2007 and moved into luxury with her daughter, Mylyn Liu.

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