Monarchy will become more informal: Brown

The monarchy will gradually evolve under King Charles, former British prime ministers suggested.

Gordon Brown says he thinks the new ruler will bring a more informal Scandinavian-style monarchy in the years to come.

“I think what Prince Charles has already indicated is that the monarchy will be smaller,” he told the BBC on Sunday.

“It will look more like a Scandinavian monarchy in the future, but not in a bad way: more informal.

“He stopped walking into Buckingham Palace and talked to people in the crowd, and that was a signal he was sending out that he wanted people to feel approachable.”

Theresa May says that while she expects the monarchy to continue adapting to changing times, audiences expect a sense of continuity.

“If you look at the royal family, they have constantly moved towards a different approach, a different way of doing things over time and I’m sure King Charles will continue to push that forward,” she told the same BBC program.

“Obviously he’s a different person and he might want to change things somehow, but I think critically, like Queen did, any changes in the way things are done would be done gradually and with great care.

“I think they (the audience) will expect that sense of continuity, but also that feeling that the world has changed, keeps changing, so a willingness to evolve along with that.

“I think what they hope for and what they will get is that deep concern for the people that His Majesty had. And I believe that King Charles also has this: a deep concern for people ”.

David Cameron said the new king was well prepared for what lay ahead, having done “probably the longest apprenticeship in history”.

He said that when he was in office he had hearings with the then Prince of Wales so that Charles could prepare for the day he, as sovereign, will hold weekly meetings with the Prime Minister.

“From what I’ve seen, he will be brilliant in this work; brilliant in listening, brilliant in asking questions, in giving sound advice and advice. It was probably the longest apprenticeship in history, ”she told the program.

Cameron says that, like his mother, the new king is a “superb diplomat” and expects he will prove to be a “worthy successor” when it comes to supporting the British government overseas.

Brown says he thinks the king will travel a lot.

“I think what he was saying when he spoke on Friday is that he will put aside his charities and interests in favor of a 100% focus on the duties of the monarch,” he said. she stated.

“I think it will involve a huge amount of travel. I think it will involve traveling not only in Britain but around the world. “

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