Mogali Rekulu (Gemini TV) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More

Mogali Rekulu (Gemini TV) Serial Cast, Times, History, Real Name, Wiki and more: The Indian series Mogali Rekulu features elements of drama, romance and action. Originally from India, it was developed by Srikanth Entertainment Pvt. On February 18, 2008, the first episode of the 1368 episode series aired. The series finale aired on May 24, 2013. Manjula Naidu, the director, and Bindu, the writer, have created a successful television series. The main characters of the show are Karuna, Sagar, Muktar, Ravi Varma and Shruti.

Mogali Rekulu


Internet users have shown a keen interest in the cast and protagonists of the serials. Check out the table below to learn more about the actors and their roles on the Mogali Rekulu TV show.

Mogali Rekulu (TV Twins)

The television broadcasts of the Mogali Rekulu series are carried out in the Telugu language. Only on Gemini TV can you watch the series from Monday to Friday. The Mogali Rekulu Gemini television series quickly became a fan favorite. The best Gemini dramas are available on TV and streaming services.

Cast of Mogali Rekulu

Sagar as RK Naidu / Munna / Mahidhar

Cast of Mogali Rekulu

Shanti like Shanti

Cast of Mogali Rekulu

Indraneel as Dharma

Cast of Mogali Rekulu

Selva raj as Selva swamy

Cast of Mogali Rekulu

Likitha Kamini as Devi

Cast of Mogali Rekulu

Sruthi as Gomathi

Cast of Mogali Rekulu

Mogali Rekulu times

Most of these shows are serials, and they all have the same formula: family drama with emotional overtones. Another show that falls into this category is Mogali Rekulu. As of February 18, 2008, this Telugu television series can be seen on Gemini TV. Mogali Rekulu, a Telugu television series, airs weekdays at 1.30pm

channel name TV cufflinks
Serial times 13:30 (Monday-Friday)
Execution time 15 to 20 minutes
Start date February 18, 2008
Tongue Telugu
Village India

Mogali Rekulu History

The four main characters in this novel are the young Satya, Daya and Dharma, as well as their younger sister, Shanti, who was orphaned after the death of her parents. Over time, they discover that their stepmother and uncles killed their parents and grandparents. After saving Shanti from her uncle and grandmother, the official IPS hero RK Naidu, who is strict, active and responsible for her, marries her. Keerthana, the boy next door, decides to accompany their trip to Hyderabad.

However, only Keerthana, the three boys and Shanti arrive in Hyderabad; their sister Shanti falls behind for being raised by her uncle and stepmother. Dharma meets the criminal Selva Swamy, who incites RK’s animosity. At the end of the novel, RK and Selva’s families unite through marriage, with Selva’s sons marrying Dharma and Satya’s daughters. Furthermore, they learn that the Dharma is still among the living. The plot is intricate and involves issues of civic duty.

Serial name Mogali Rekulu
Genre Family drama
Start date February 18, 2008
End date 24 May 2013
No. of episodes 1,368
Times Mon to Fri 13:30
Execution time 15 to 20 min
Channel TV cufflinks
Tongue Telugu
Director Manjula Naidu
Producer Sudhakar Handball

Shashank Handball

Production house N / A

Audiences have historically shown great affection for serials. Even in the realm of serials, a wide variety of subgenres can be found. A wide variety of genres, including comedies, crime dramas and suspenseful thrillers, are available here. In this piece, we take a look at a top-notch Telugu show that’s still airing on Gemini TV. Maybe you are right in your hypothesis. Right; is the Mogali Rekulu Serial.

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