Mitsubishi L200 Spy Video Shows Midsize Truck Tow Testing On US Soil

A few weeks ago, our spy photographers spotted a Mitsubishi L200 prototype during a test in Europe. The midsize pickup truck, otherwise known as the Triton or Strada in other parts of the world, should undergo a major overhaul. Reports indicated that the launch of the next-generation model will take place in 2023.

With that in mind, a couple of L200 prototypes have been spotted again, but this time on US soil, courtesy of YouTube. TFL now. Both medium-sized trucks wore heavy cover-ups to conceal their identities. A quick glance at the spy photos below and the trucks above confirms that these are indeed L200 prototypes.

One thing you will notice about the prototypes is that they both have right hand drive. They also bore the Michigan manufacturer’s license plate, which raises the question of why they are in the United States. It should be noted that one of the prototypes was a towing test.

Just like what we’ve seen in previous sightings, the L200 prototypes captured in transit had a sturdy look as seen in the flares of the fender, roof bars, and taller wheels. The vertically stacked headlights were also noticeable, along with the huge mesh grille and footboards under the doors.

Information on the new generation of Mitsubishi Triton / Strada is scarce at this stage, although we know that it was developed in collaboration with Nissan. Therefore, expect the next generation Navara to share the same platform, but with a different body. Nissan truck will arrive later than …

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