Missing Texas mother found dead in car trunk after crash in Nebraska

HOUSTON, TX (ValleyCentral) — After a missing Texas teenager led authorities on a car chase in Nebraska, his mother’s body was found in the trunk, authorities said.

Tyler Roentz has been identified as the driver in a high-speed car chase in Nebraska, according to a release from Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. The Nebraska State Patrol confirmed that the body of 49-year-old Michelle Roentz was found in the trunk of the car.

On Oct. 13, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office asked for the public’s help in locating the woman and the teenager.

A news release from the Nebraska State Patrol describes how the chase began. On Friday around 2:45 p.m., authorities were alerted that a Mazda 3 believed to be involved in a homicide was traveling in Nebraska.

Officers found the vehicle traveling westbound on Interstate 80 near Grand Island, the release said. When officers attempted a traffic stop, the vehicle fled at a high rate of speed, continuing westbound at speeds in excess of 110 mph, the release stated.

After nine miles, the vehicle struck the back of a semi and then struck a tree near mile marker 299. Authorities found the driver, identified as Tyler Roentz, with “major injuries.” He was transported to a local hospital.

The police then found the body of a woman in the trunk of the car. The body has been identified as 49-year-old Michelle Roentz, according to the release.

The case remains under investigation.

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