Minor girl’s head goes missing in Tamil Nadu after burial

Chennai: In a shocking incident, the head of a 10-year-old girl who was recently buried has gone missing in Tamil Nadu. Witchcraft is suspected. A police officer reported the incident.

According to sources, the girl named Kritika died of her injuries after an electric pole fell on her head while she was playing outside on October 5. She was a student in the 6th grade. On October 14, the little girl died after 9 days in the hospital.

Kritika was cremated on October 15. A few days after her cremation, her father and mother went near her grave where they saw that the grave had been dug. They immediately notified the police.

The police found turmeric powder and flowers near her grave, which they suspected to be witchcraft or some kind of black magic. Krithika’s body was buried in the Chitravadi graveyard in Chengalpattu district of Tamil Nadu. The head disappeared after the burial of the body.

After receiving the complaint from the parents of the deceased, the police excavated the cemetery and found that the little girl’s head was missing. The police officers were shocked to see and this incident raised concern of witchcraft or black magic among the locals.

According to sources, the police have started an investigation into the same and will soon get to the culprits.

An official told a reputable news agency that after the recent ‘human sacrifice’ incident in Kerala, the police are keeping a close eye on magicians and some people masquerading as priests and carrying out illegal activities like witchcraft under the guise of appeasing the gods, including some crude forms of worship.

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