Mini Driver stuns in a plunging swimsuit for a pre-flight beach walk

Mini Driver walked onto the beach before taking off. Photo Credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Minnie Driver is a big fan of the beach and often spends time with her toes in the sand in and around Malibu.

So it only makes sense that she visits her favorite spot for some fun and relaxation before a big flight.

Minnie is currently filming a movie called One Winter in New Zealand, and based on a few clues, we think she’s been enjoying some sand and surf there, too.

In the first photo shared on Minnie’s Instagram Stories, she approached the camera with a big smile while keeping her wet hair up and away from her face. She wore a plunging black swimsuit that perfectly showed off the actress’ slim figure, which she maintains by surfing regularly.

On this photo, she wrote: “Last quick swim before 26 hour flights.”

The second and final photo in the series shows the 52-year-old actress with her arms raised in the air as she stands on the sand, away from the beach, still wearing the same black swimsuit.

Minnie Driver stuns in a black swimsuit
Photo Credit: @driverminnie/Instagram

On the photo, she wrote “Nga mihi nui ki a koe”, which translates from Maori to English as “Thank you very much”.

Minnie Driver enjoys yoga on the beach
Photo Credit: @driverminnie/Instsagram

Minnie Driver still worries about finances despite a long and successful acting career

Add Minnie Driver to the list of working actors still worried about their finances, as both she and Sidney Sweeney recently made headlines after talking about money. Maybe that’s why he has so many projects, including the one he’s shooting right now.

In addition, Minnie recently worked on The Witcher: Blood Origin and Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose, which are currently in post-production. She has also been cast in James and Frankel and Lucia, both of which are currently in pre-production.

“Sometimes I lie awake at night worrying about how I’m going to butter my parsnips if the job goes away because I’ve earned every penny I’ve got,” Minnie told The Sunday Times (via Yahoo.)

The Good Will actor continued, “I’m trying to meet this existential angst with even more love, surfing and appreciation for what I have. Staying creative keeps the engine running. The phone is ringing with opportunities, but you also have to create your own.”

Mini Driver loves surfing in Malibu

Back in August, the paparazzi captured one of Minnie Driver’s many trips to Malibu Beach, where she often enjoys the sun and surf while playing with her dog and hitting the waves.

Don’t let her adorable looks fool you; Minnie is a great surfer and often rides the waves, even sharing some of her surfing adventures with her 203,000 fans and followers on Instagram.

This time Minnie looked absolutely stunning in a black bikini as she played games in the sand with her dog while keeping the sun off her face with a large straw hat and a pair of shades.

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