Mike Collier sends cease and desist letter to Texas broadcasters regarding Dan Patrick ad

AUSTIN (Nexstar) – Mike Collier, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor of Texas, sent cease and desist letter to major news stations on Tuesday, asking them to stop airing “false and misleading advertising” from his opponent’s campaign.

In response to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s latest political ad making allegations about Collier and his policy positions, Collier’s office asked broadcasters on Tuesday to “be responsible to the community you serve and act with reasonable care, to ensure that published advertisements are not false or misleading.” The letter was written by Doyle Dennis LLP, the law firm representing Collier.

In the recent ad, Patrick’s campaign said Collier supports open borders, wants to “ban new charter schools” and wants “boys to compete in girls’ sports” — referring to the political battle over transgender youth participation in sports. The ad also claims Collier is a supporter of “AOC’s Green New Deal” and aims to connect the Democrat with President Joe Biden, whose approval ratings remain low in Texas.

Patrick’s ad cites no sources to substantiate the allegations against Collier as factual. In the cease and desist letter, Collier referenced each allegation and included links to sources that his attorneys said refuted the ad’s claims.

“Dan Patrick’s latest attack is a flagrant betrayal of public trust that further demonstrates his desperation in the final days of a failed term,” Erin Minkberg Spiegel, Collier’s senior campaign strategist, said in a statement. “We are disappointed by Dan Patrick’s willingness to lie to the public at large, but we are certainly not surprised – this is to be expected from an extremist who has built his career on generating lies, fear and partisanship.”

Alan Blakemore, Patrick’s top political strategist, supports their campaign’s ad — calling it “effective” in a statement emailed to Nexstar.

“Mike Collier has proudly announced that he and President Biden are in complete agreement on policy, that there is no daylight between them,” Blakemore said. “He did not back down from Biden’s destructive policies that are destroying the Texas economy and putting Texans’ lives at risk.”

This is a developing story. Monica Madden will have a full report for KXAN News at 5 p.m

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