Microsoft Edge warns you when a misspelled URL takes you to a dangerous website

Have you ever ended up on a website that isn’t related to what you are looking for because you misspelled the URL?

While it’s just a simple typo for you, it’s an opportunity for attackers to hunt down their victims. So that this isn’t an Edge issue, Microsoft is rolling out a new dynamic.

Microsoft Edge has a new dynamic to protect you from phishing

It is possible that a simple distraction while typing a website URL could lead to spam or phishing. We may not recognize our typo at first glance, but when we look at the website we realize we have landed in the wrong place.

While it might be a simple mistake, if it’s a URL from a famous brand or company, it’s more than likely that cybercriminals have used typosquatting.

This means that they register domains similar to popular websites and take into account common typos users make when entering those URLs. And that’s how you end up on a spam page, either containing malware or part of a phishing attack.

Microsoft Edge wants to prevent users from falling into this trap with a new dynamic:

If you encounter a website with typos that we have identified, an interstitial warning page will appear indicating that you may have spelled the wrong website you are browsing and will ask you to verify the website address, before proceeding.

When Edge detects this problem, it will show you a warning like the one you see in the image above. Instead of automatically opening the website, you will be asked to enter the URL correctly and will give you the option to go to the correct URL. This way you will notice your URL error in good time before it falls victim to typosquatting.

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