Microsoft Edge lets you share groups of tabs with other people

As part of Microsoft Ignite 2022, a new feature has been announced in Edge to make teamwork easier.

This feature is called Workspaces and it allows a user to share a group of browser tabs with their team via a simple link. A set of cards that are kept up to date for all employees.

And of course we have the same options we currently find when creating tab groups, such as: B. the ability to add a name or assign a color.

New Microsoft Edge feature for collaborative work

This new workspace feature, in preview, allows work teams to share groups of tabs as if they were workspaces in the browser. A dynamic that can be useful in different contexts.

For example, when new members are added to a project, the administrator can share all necessary information between workspaces, avoiding having to share multiple files and links.

So you have a common set of Edge boards available for an entire team. And that’s not all, since Microsoft’s proposal is that all content shared through this dynamic be updated in real time:

Each Edge workspace contains its own set of tabs and favorites, all created and selected by you and your collaborators […] they are automatically saved and kept up to date.

This allows any member to edit this set of tabs and update the changes in real time. Of course, this initiative is specifically aimed at your business customers. However, the Microsoft team also said that this proposal will be extended to all users who will use Edge in the future.

For example, you can use this feature to organize a vacation with your friends, family activities, a Christmas gift list, etc. A dynamic that we could see in 2023.

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