Microsoft brings DALL-E 2 to the general public with two new creative tools

We have already recently implemented the artificial intelligence technologies introduced for the automatic creation of images and even videos based on the textual descriptions provided above.

Within this technological segment stands out DALL-E 2 by OpenAI, which has now taken a further step forward and is available to the general public thanks to Microsoftwhich is not a random choice given the close ties between the two companies since 2019.

In this regard, Microsoft provides cloud computing services for OpenAI and Microsoft is also a partner of choice for OpenAI in bringing new artificial intelligence technologies to market.

With that in mind, Microsoft at its Ignite event has now announced the integration of DALL-E with both Designer, its new graphic creation platform with which it will try to compete with Canva, and Image Creator, the other new graphic creation tool that will arrive on Edge and Bing in the next few years. weeks.

Great creative possibilities, but within the limits

Designer is a web-based tool now in preview, Be completely free for the duration of today’s preview, ahead of integration as part of Microsoft 365 personal and family subscriptions when general availability arrives, although it will continue to offer some features for free.

This platform will have predefined templates to choose from, depending on the projects to be created, to bring the designs generated to some of the main social platforms, adding elements such as images, shapes, photos, etc. to these templates.

Around Image Creator, offered via Bing’s Images tab and Edge tool sidebar, allows you to create artistic images based on the text messages specified in requestsalthough Microsoft has set limits on what it can do to avoid possible misuse or abuse through a so-called “measured approach”.

It’s free, although it will be available in preview in select markets. This allows Microsoft to learn how to use it before expanding its availability to other markets.

Open-AI recently found that DALL-E creates more than 2 million images per day, including for campaigns and other types of commercial use by big brands, but also for requests from artists, writers and creative directors.

Be that as it may DALL-E already has training in place to prevent the generation of content of a sexual or violent nature, although with the new integrations with the new Microsoft tools there will be other limitations to prevent the creation of content that could create conflicts.

If a user reports creating an image in Designer or Image Creator that violates the rules, they will receive a warning about it, also taking into account that a Microsoft account is required to use these new tools.

More info / photo credits: Microsoft

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