Meta to Allow Quest Users to Login Without a Facebook Account

Since the launch of the Quest platform, the biggest sticking point for those looking to get started with a VR headset has been that you also needed an active Facebook account.

This is no longer true, with some caveats. Meta just announced that a Facebook login will no longer be required to access the Quest ecosystem. Instead, the company is implementing dedicated meta logins that only require an email address. Furthermore, Meta account holders can completely exclude Facebook and Instagram from the image, without any integration.

Unsplash / Vinicius Amano

However, those who dislike Facebook for privacy or monopoly reasons may not be impacted by this rebranding. Meta is Facebook, after all, and creating an account with one instead of the other can seem like breaking hair to some.

The downsides of taking Facebook out of the equation? You won’t be able to browse Facebook friends with VR devices, and you’ll lose access to connected experiences that require the social media platform, even though Meta says you can reinstate Facebook at any time.

Additionally, Meta accounts will now be the standard for the Quest platform. In other words, if you are an active Quest user, you will need to take a quantum leap to switch from your Facebook account to your newly created Meta account.

You’ll need to create a new account, along with a Meta Horizons account, and switch to VR to ensure continued access to downloads and purchases. Also, you need the latest software versions for the Quest headphones and smartphone app to do this.

In order for those who still use ancient Oculus accounts to log in, they must register with Meta by January 1st before Oculus created usernames go to that awesome account repository in the sky. As with all the others, the possibility of creating your own Meta account is already available.

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