Meta shuts down Instant Articles on Facebook

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has decided to end its Instant Articles format on its main social networkIn line with other moves to reverse investments in news content that have been around for months, and just like Google’s AMP pages, instant articles have also become obsolete in the face of advances in mobile web technologies.

According to the Axios publication Meta will give content publishers until mid-April next year to adjust before ending support for instant articles.

When the time comes, Facebook publishes content publishers Take users directly to mobile versions of your official posts.

We remind you that the Instant Articles were launched on Facebook in 2015 with the aim of eliminating the elements within the sites that allow faster loading without affecting the main features of the sites via mobile devices.

With its arrival, various features have also been added to help publishers and brands get the most out of their publications via Facebook.

Now Facebook is halting its initiatives with publishers to focus its primary efforts on creating Metaverse experiences.

In this regard, without going into detail, Last week it also announced that it would be phasing out Bulletin, its newsletter platform for journalists and content creators with a duration of just over a year because Facebook is no longer a platform to which content publishers can pay particular attention.

And that’s exactly what it is, according to a company spokesperson at Axios:

Currently, less than 3% of what people around the world see in the Facebook feed are posts that link to news articles. And as we said earlier this year, it doesn’t make sense as a company to invest too much in areas that don’t match user preferences.

All these movements mean that content publishers have to radically change their strategies to adapt to the new situations that have emerged from Meta’s change in strategy in relation to Facebook.

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