Meta fixes an annoying problem but hides the option

Meta Quest 2: Meta solves an annoying problem but hides the option

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Meta solved an annoying interface problem after months (years?). And the solution is hidden deep in the settings.

The app library is one of the most clicked icons on the Meta Quest main menu, especially as it grants access to VR apps.

Until recently, the operating system filtered it based on “All” by default, confusing all kinds of apps, even those that aren’t installed at all. This creates confusion and makes it harder to find relevant VR apps right away.

Fortunately, you can switch to a different default filter at any time with two clicks. It’s just annoying that the software doesn’t remember this setting and switches to the old “All” filter when you open it again. Again and again.

Meta provides a remedy

Users have been complaining about this problem for a long time. In June, the complaints finally paid off: Meta released a fix with the 41.0 update.

“We have added a new panel in Settings that allows you to control the default filter and sorting within the app library,” reads the Oculus release notes. This enhancement would be rolled out to users in a staggered fashion.


But: the option is hidden deep in the settings. So hidden, in fact, that I didn’t even know it had been launched for me until today. A Reddit user brought it to my attention.

Where to find the setting

Here’s how you can permanently set the default filter and sorting in the settings:

  1. Opens the settings.
  2. Click on Personalization and then on “App Library”.
  3. The corresponding settings can be found in “Filter by” and “Sort by”.

You can set any category of apps as the default filter, even “Unknown Sources”, which are VR and 2D apps that you downloaded to Meta Quest 2 via sideload. You can find more useful tips and tricks about Meta Quest 2 in the linked article.

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