Mega Empire Cold Means, Coca-Cola: The Company That Made the First Soft Drink in Space, Helped McDonald’s Grow

Cold means Coca-Cola …The company that has conquered the soft drinks market with this slogan in the world of advertising. Coca-Cola is the king of the soft drink world today. The company sells over 200 of its brands in over 200 countries. This is what happened…. Enjoy Coca Cola. You now also know its dark side. Coca-Cola is the largest polymer company in the world. Namely the most polluting. This company, which had record profits and sales, also had a bad record in 2020 … the record for the spread of pollution. According to a report from an American NGO working for the environment, Coca-Cola releases 2.9 million tons of plastic waste from its packaging every year. Coca-Cola is currently under discussion for another reason. This income and pollution record label sponsors the United Nations Climate Change Conference in November.

Learn about Coca Cola in Mega Empire today …

The 136-year-old foundation of Coca Cola was laid by a pharmacist

The Coca-Cola Company was founded in 1886. According to the Coca-Cola website, an afternoon pharmacist John Pemberton prepared a liquid in his laboratory. It was made of soda. John gave it to some people to drink. People liked this drink. Thus the Coca-Cola formula was discovered. Today Coca-Cola, which arrives in the bottle, is again served by the glass.

Coca-Cola was appointed by an accountant

Frank Robinson, author of the Pemberton books, called his blend Coca-Cola. From then until today it is known as Coca-Cola. Robinson believed that having two “Cs” in the name would benefit the company. In Coca-Cola’s first year, only nine drinks were sold a day. Today, more than two billion bottles of Coca-Cola are sold around the world every day.

The company produces only one sugar syrup, the rest of the water and sugar are mixed elsewhere.

Coca-Cola only produces concentrates and syrups for more than 200 drinks. This Coca-Cola concentrate and syrup is a mystery, how and where it is produced has been a mystery for 136 years. All of the company’s profits come from this concentrate and syrup. Coca cola sells this concentrate and syrup to licensed bottling partners. Then they add sparkling water and stills, add sweeteners as required by the drink and send it for further packaging and this is where the final product is made. Coca-Cola’s products include brands such as Fanta, Sprite, Thums Up in addition to the Coca-Cola brand. In addition to this, sports and alcoholic drinks are also prepared.

Coca-Cola Formula 1 is locked in the safe

The Coca-Cola formula is not disclosed to any company employee or officer. Its original copy is kept at the Sun Trust Bank in Atlanta. Sun Trust never shares the formula, so it receives 48.3 million Coca-Cola shares. Along with this, Sun Trust executives have also been included on the company’s board of directors. It has been stored in a bank vault in Atlanta since 1925. In 2011, the American company also placed a secret formula safe for display at the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta. Thousands of people come to see this museum every year.

When Coca-Cola hit space

The 1980s were a fantastic time for Coca-Cola. The business was growing slowly. Meanwhile, Coca-Cola has created the first soft drink in space called Coca-Cola. In 1985, when the astronaut went into space, he drank a soft drink from a space can of Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola has entered India twice

Coca Cola was introduced in India in 1956. With no foreign exchange law in India, the company has grown well. In 1974, the Indira Gandhi government introduced the Foreign Exchange Act in India. However, in 1977, the company had to exit the Indian market for failing to do business under the law. Due to the liberalization policies of 1993, the company obtained permission from the government to do business in India again.

Coca cola sold in more than 200 countries banned in these two countries

Coca-Cola can only be purchased in two countries around the world. These two countries are Cuba and North Korea. This happened due to US sanctions. However, some media claim that this drink was secretly sold in North Korea.

McDonald’s was developed with the help of Coca-Cola

McDonald’s boss Ray Kroc approaches Coca-Cola in his quest to become America’s largest fast food chain. Approached in 1955 to forge partnerships with brands already established in the market. After this meeting, the couple did not look back. At first, McDonald’s used the Coca-Cola office to do its job. Today McDonald’s is Coca-Cola’s largest customer.

When and where did the Coca-Cola protest take place?

Coca-Cola has also faced opposition in many countries. It also included rumors that Coca-Cola was harmful to health.

  • It was first called “coca colonization” by France in the 1950s. The Coca-Cola trucks overturned and the bottles were destroyed.
  • When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, many people living in East Germany brought Coca-Cola with them. Then drinking Coca-Cola became a symbol of freedom.
  • Outside the Soviet Union, the regions where Coca-Cola had to struggle was the Middle East. Here it was boycotted by the Arab League, as it was sold to Israel.
  • In 2003, Thais spilled Coca-Cola on the streets to protest the US crackdown on Iraq and its sale was also temporarily halted.
  • Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also threatened to ban Coca-Cola.

Despite all these controversies, even today Cold means Coca-Cola it’s like this.

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