Meet the youngest iOS app developer gets accolades from Tim Cook

A Dubai-based nine-year-old Indian girl who calls herself “the youngest Apple iOS developer” has been praised by Apple CEO Tim Cook for creating iOS software for the iPhone.

According to reports, nine-year-old Hana Muhammad Rafiq has developed a storytelling app that will help parents record stories so that their children feel closer to them.

The app, which is named Hanas, also has different types of short stories, bedtime stories, and moral and classic stories for children. The Hanas app even has some stories pre-recorded in the young developer’s voice.

The Hanas app’s official listing on the App Store says, “It is designed to provide a ‘multi-functional content and entertainment experience for users.’ Hanas reads: “I [Hana] I’m launching this app with only one aspect of this app for now, which is about children’s story… I’ve also added my voiced audio stories so that kids can enjoy listening to me as a friend, I hope.”

According to Gulf News, Hanna developed the app when she was 8 years old.

The young Indian girl reportedly wrote an email to Apple CEO Tim Cook. In the mail, Hanna said that she wrote more than 10,000 lines of code for this application. The young developer also added that she hardly used any third party code, libraries or classes in my app.

Hannah said she wanted to let Apple’s leader know how passionate she is about technology, especially Apple. And let the world know that coding is not so impossible. Hanna called coding an essential subject for the early stages of children’s education and said it has the same priority as human communication language.

Giving further details about her, Khanna wrote that she is an Indian girl born and brought up in UAE.

Apple’s CEO personally responded with heartfelt congratulations and wrote: “Hannah, congratulations on all your impressive achievements at such a young age! Keep it up and you will do amazing things in the future. Best, Tim.

After seeing Cook’s reply to her email, Hannah’s parents woke her up the next morning. After hearing back from the executive director, she was very excited, Hanna said.

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