Matt and Whitney cause CHAOS as the MAFS dinner ends in disaster

MAFS groom gives new insights into the show

Pjay, who left MAFS early, revealed the most “exhausting” part of making the show.

The Dreamboys stripper, 31, said: ‘Married at First Sight in Britain is probably the best thing I’ve ever done because I’ve learned so much about myself – how I deal with things, how I accept things, how I accept people.

“It’s just crazy because we shoot ten hours a day. This is permanent.

“The producers will say ‘can you do this again?’ can you do it again Can you do it again?’

“The more you do it, it’s like, ‘oh, I don’t have the same energy as when I started.’

“And it’s just very, very exhausting. That is the best word to use. It’s very exhausting.”

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