Matilda Logarzo joins Western Utd on loan

Matildas midfielder Chloe Logarzo has signed for A-League Women Western United newcomers in a bid to bolster her minutes ahead of the Women’s World Cup.

Logarzo, 27, broke his ACL in a friendly against Ireland last September and is fit to play, but has had limited minutes of play for NWSL club Kansas City Current since his return.

Sydneysider had promised to return to Sydney FC one day when she left the ALW.

But injuries change things and Logarzo deliberately made the “extremely difficult” decision not to travel to NSW because he wanted to focus on football, without the distraction of being close to family and friends.

Instead, he signed a three-month loan deal with United, a coup for the expansion club, which begins on November 1.

“After doing my knee, it was extremely important that I go home and play a few minutes,” Logarzo told AAP.

“Ever since I got my knee. I have literally changed my whole life to make sure I am ready for the World Cup at home next year.

“So it’s very important for me to go to Melbourne.

“I love my family very much, but I also think my family could have been a distraction for me to come home and I would love to be with them and spend a lot of time (with them).

“I want to focus on my football”.

Logarzo hasn’t drunk alcohol for more than a year, or celebrates, with the strange journey to a bar as wild as it is in a life full of training and rehabilitation from injuries.

“I am on this path and it is a unique opportunity to have a World Cup at home,” he said.

“I want to make sure I do it right so that if anything happens, I know deep down that I’ve done everything possible.”

Helping in the decision to pick United was a quick connection with manager Mark Torcaso and his eagerness to get Logarzo back into Matilda’s setup.

United’s inaugural squad to date largely includes young talent or NPLW supporters, but Logarzo has backed them at established clubs.

“It is a completely new opportunity, a new club with great ambitions,” he said.

“I know that I will be able to run a lot in this team. So for me on the pitch it was a big winner.

“If we get to this inaugural season and say ‘we become the hardest working team in the league’, we will shock so many teams with the work ethic we have.

“For me, this gets the better of everything else. It’s hard to beat a team that wants to keep racing. “

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