Marvel’s Avengers: a much-requested and beloved character finally arrives

Still alive, still standing, Marvel’s Avengers continues its regular updates. This time around, Square Enix’s gaming service adds a highly requested and fan favorite character.

Bucky Barnes arrives in Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers will welcome its big patch 2.6. This substantial new update is scheduled to keep the most loyal players who haven’t left the game busy for a few more hours. An event, “No Rest for the Wicked”, will feature the end-game antagonist who will try to resurrect MODOK and a new area (San Francisco Bay) will be part of the game. What we will remember instead is the arrival of a long-awaited new playable hero.

The lucky winner is none other than James Barnes, aka Bucky, better known as the Winter Soldier. Captain America’s mate has yet to reveal his full move together, but the developers assured him that he would not be “a mirror character”. Understand from this that his gameplay won’t echo an existing hero like Jane Foster with Thor, for example. She will have his attacks, his abilities and can even use an assault rifle. The character is still in the testing phase, we will have to wait a little longer before seeing him in action. Buck Barnes will then be available for free in Marvel’s Avengers 2.6 update. Its release date has not yet been revealed.

the avengers of wonder Bucky

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