Manuel’s struggle to keep his 500 goats from starving after saving them from Beji’s fire

We need food for the goats as all the grass is burnt. Can you help us? SOS”. This is the first message posted on social networks on Thursday by a friend of ManuelA 30-year-old shepherd from Jérica who is fighting relentlessly not to lose everything in one of the fires that continue to spread out of control in the interior of the provinces of Castellón and Valencia.

The fire he has gone around his pen and dug up all the grass. After two days without water, he was finally able to get his 500 goats they’re drinking, but he’s out of food and can’t move them out of the area because it would be too dangerous. For this reason, Manuel’s acquaintances have started a campaign to raise funds and get the first 1,500 euros they need to buy emergency food so that the animals do not starve.

“We need a straw truck to get us through the remaining days of the fire and while we look for solutions to them. The truck costs about 1,500 euros. It’s not much for society, but for Manuel it’s everything, and for the goats it means not starving.“.

The fire that broke out on Monday in badges (Castellón) due to lightning has already burned more than 19,000 hectares and became the worst recorded in the last decade in the Valencian Community. Fire crews are unable to stabilize the fire due to the difficulties they face due to the constant changes in wind direction and the flames continue to consume the forest mass with great force.

uninhabited area

This fire affects a large rural area of the most unpopulated regions of Castellon and Valenciaa territory where depopulation is progressing and rejuvenation is practically nil, as farmers’ associations have warned.

In addition to the large forest mass, there are numerous crops and farms like Manuel’s. This young resident of Valencia has decided to stay inland despite the crisis that is shaking the rural world. The enclosure is owned by the Ministry of the Environment and it pays rent for its use Tableau of the Jérica Mountainsprivate person.

The flames have engulfed the ground and the first few days have been successful in preventing the fire from reaching the barn. Now that he’s made sure the animals aren’t burned or suffocated to death, he continues to fight to keep them alive because the forest fire has destroyed all the grass and is dangerously close again.

Carla She is a forest technician and works in firefighting. His first assignment was at the Pico Sayas de Jérica forest watchtower, one of the areas affected by the disaster and for which he has great respect.

There he gets to know Manuel and the hardships faced every day by ranchers and farmers who remain true to the rural world despite operating at a loss.

“Since the fire started, he has saved the fence three times. The first night they walked around it and it didn’t burn. But between Thursday and Friday the flames came closer again and now we fear for the smoke” Carla explains to EL ESPAÑOL.

That Friday, Manuel was still isolated and working in the pen to save his goats. Meanwhile, her friend Carla organized the campaign to publicize the situation and raise funds.Animals don’t wait to eat and Manuel lives day by day, like most people who work in the field. I’m helping him because I believe in him and his project.”

“No Safe Place”

The fire has literally destroyed all the pastures and for now, as a precaution, since the fire is still out of control, because there is still no safe place to move them, and because of many factors that hinder their movement, the goats must remain inside the pen,” says Carla in a petition.

“We need a straw truck to save us the remaining days of the fire and while we look for solutions for them. The truck costs about 1,500 euros. It’s not much for the community, but for Manuel this is everything, and for the goats it means not dying of hunger. It would be a shame now that we have managed to save them from the fire and burn, if they die of smoke suffocation or starvation.

“We will have to buy more food because it will take time and the goats are very delicate. Cows are very strong animals, but goats are fragile and scary. They are very afraid of airplanes and cannot get out of there. This Friday, Manuel thought he could get them out, but the situation got complicated.”

That’s why they’re asking for help “in the midst of this ecological disaster.”

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