Man performs stunts on live wires, video goes viral

We are taught from childhood that playing with electrical wires can be dangerous and life-threatening. Contact with electrical voltage may cause current to flow through the body, resulting in electric shock and burns. We have always been instructed at home and in schools that you should never touch a live wire with your bare hands.

But in a shocking incident, a young man from Amaria town was seen performing stunts and swinging on high voltage wires in Uttar Pradesh’s Pilibhit district.

The man named Naushad on September 24 climbed onto the roof of a shop and started swinging from the cables, leaving everyone present worried and confused. The video of the man performing the stunt has gone viral on social media.

In the viral clip, Naushad was trying to climb higher and was seen balancing on the wires. Another video shows people climbing on the roof of the shop and trying to reach Naushad. After the people approached him, he got off. People were simply amazed by the man’s activity.

According to sources, there was no electricity in the city due to which Naushad was not electrocuted. After they were spotted, shopkeepers from nearby shops and the gathered people contacted the power distribution and urged them not to supply electricity.

After getting down, the locals contacted Naushad’s family and told them about his dangerous stunt. The family said he was not feeling fit mentally since last few days. They claimed that he often engaged in odd activities as he felt mentally incapacitated.

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