Man apologizes for stealing laptop, Twitter sympathizes

Sometimes people find themselves in such a situation that they are forced to steal other people’s things, even though they don’t want to. One such incident has already come to the fore after it was shared on Twitter, Zweli_Thixo.

According to a screenshot of an email shared by Zweli_Thixo, a thief sent him an email after stealing his laptop containing his research proposal. Interestingly, the thief apologized for the theft and offered to send files if the owner needed them.

“Brother Houseit, I know I stole your laptop yesterday. I needed the money as I was struggling to make ends meet. I see you have been busy with a research proposal, I have attached it and if (there are) other files you need please let me know before Monday 12pm as I have found a client. Again ngiyacolisa bro,” the thief said in his post, whose subject line read “Sorry about the laptop”.

While sharing the thief’s email on Twitter, the laptop owner said: “They stole my laptop last night and emailed me using my email, now I have mixed emotions.”

Meanwhile, Twitter users also expressed their sympathy for the thief. “Why don’t we make him the same offer as the supposed buyer he found,” said a Twitter user. Adding to this, another said: “Anyone who can offer this guy a job please. This person reviewed the laptop and found a research proposal and actually appreciates the effort and time that went into it. Honestly, I would hire him if I had the means.

“Dear thief,” another Twitter user commented.

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