Magalu Games launches with three games for Android and iOS

At a press conference for journalists, we got the announcement of the platform Magalù games, a new investment from the company that has become famous as a reseller. At this first moment, three such games super casual available free to anyone who uses android And iOS.

All versions were developed in collaboration with Brazilian studios and, in the future, integration with great app purchases must be able to generate more profit for the company. Find out all the details and games now.

The target audience of Magalu Games

In a simple way, the Magalù wants to take advantage of the super diverse audience that uses the great app shopping so you can have fun even in simple games that can be enjoyed at different times of the day. Market research showed that in 2021 alone, Brazil had 92.4 million players; growth of 8.7% between 2020 and 2021.

Data on the audience of players in Brazil
Brazilians are playing more games on mobile phones (Screen capture: Glauco Vital / Showmetech)

Of all these players, 51% use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Console players are following closely, registering 25%. PC owners close the percentage with 24%. Since the users of the company’s shopping app are quite different and have different tastes, the first three versions of the Magalù games they were quite large and without a defined theme.

Data on the audience of players in Brazil
Players just increased from 2020 to 2021 (Screenshot: Glauco Vital / Showmetech)

Tiago CatoneDirector of Luizalabstechnology sector of Magalù, he also explained that these types of games are easier to develop and everything can be finished in a few months. For this first moment, the studio will launch hyper casual games, but investments in other platforms are not excluded. Everything will depend on how the public accepts the publications.

What games are available?

Result of the work of three Brazilian studios related to Magalù games through the GREAT (Independent game festival in Brazil), the games are available from today (24) for download on smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS operating systems. Meet each of them right now.


With gameplay reminiscent of the famous crossroadsthis title was developed by the studio yellow pandawhich one is inside Camboriu beach, Santa Catarina. The theme is simple: the player must get the box to its destination with a few clicks on the screen. The difficulty of the levels increases as the levels progress and you will only be addicted to the matches.

Speed ​​box, one of the releases of the magalu games
The game is addictive (Photo: Playback / Magalu)

The main goal of Adapter is to make sure that the players walk the courses as soon as possible so that the three stars are won. Check out these screenshots:

Speed ​​box, one of the releases of the magalu games
Levels change over time (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco / Showmetech)

The download can be done on your Android smartphone and also on the devices Apple.

Orbits of conquest

Created in collaboration with Bragi Studios, located in Salvador, Bahia, this adventure puts the player to conquer planets in deep space. Also, with multi-level gameplay that becomes more difficult over time, the main goal is to be able to collect all the items and make it to the final destination.

Orbits Conqueror, one of the versions of the magalu games
The game will put players in space (Photo: Playback / Magalu)

In ten minutes you will learn to play confidently and get “stuck” at levels that only get better. Here are some steps:

Orbits Conqueror, one of the versions of the magalu games
How about chasing the stars in space (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco / Showmetech)

The download can be done for free on smartphones with Android and iOS.

Death trap night

Complete the first three versions, Death trap night has a look reminiscent of the famous Plants vs. undead, given EA Entertainment. Developed by Luski Game Studiothe player is positioned to climb an infinite tower with more and more obstacles.

Death trap nite, one of the versions of the magalu games
The game has a horror theme (Photo: Playback / Magalu)

You need to collect items as you escape monsters and traps in the haunted house. Even better, the further you go, the more you can show off on social media to your friends. See examples:

screens of deadly traps
The more items you collect, the more points you will have in the game. (Screenshot: Victor Pacheco / Showmetech)

The download can be done for free on Google Play Store And App Store.

What will we have in the future?

At the end of the event, Tiago Catone He said that as a second step, the company should invest in launching more titles in the hyper casual genre, plus a section will be created in the Super App just to bring product buyers to the games. The possibility of launching games of other genres should take place in a third phase, as it requires more time and, of course, a greater financial investment.

The winnings of the three games for android And iOS take place through microtransactions and display of in-app ads, but at the event it was also said that the launch of exclusive coupons and promotions could occur so that the company makes more and more profits.

In fact, we are only in the first phase of the project and obviously a lot can still happen, so we just have to wait for the next chapters. What do you think of each of the games? tell us Comments!

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