MAFS Nashville: Meet the new Married at First Sight couples.

Pastor Cal will return for Season 16 of Married at First Sight. Photo Credit: Lifetime

The matchmaking phenomenon, Married at First Sight, is back for a new season.

This time the show heads to Nashville in hopes of pairing the singles with their perfect match.

The show uses a team of experts to bring strangers together. Through a series of questions and interviews, the team will decide which people have the best chance for a lasting union.

After only eight weeks of marriage, the couples must decide if they have a strong enough connection to continue their relationship or if they are ready for a divorce.

In the wake of the season 15 finale, the cast for the new season has been released. People shared an exclusive look at the 10 singles who agreed to marry blindly.

The cast includes a 20-something who’s bored with dating apps, an established career woman who believes she scares men away, and more than one guy who thinks this is their last chance to settle down.

Meet the new MAFS couples

Five new couples will be joining the MAFS franchise in Season 16, including Airris, 39, and Jasmine, 31. Airris has spent a lot of time focusing on his career and feels he’s ready to put down roots with someone special. Jasmine has never felt lucky when it comes to dating and hopes the experts have found her a husband to settle down with.

Nicole, 32, says she is not a traditional woman and thinks she has an arranged marriage. She is paired with Christopher, 36, who is struggling to connect as a new resident of Nashville. Both believe that experts can help them find love with this unique process.

Dominique is the youngest member of the cast at 25. She doesn’t have much experience with long-term relationships, but she believes she’s ready to get married. She says she’s tired of messing around on dating apps and hopes to find her soul mate on the show. McKinley, 33, admits he struggles to trust women because of his past relationships. He’s afraid of getting hurt, but he’s willing to take risks to find love.

Two of the couples are ready to start a family

Both Clint and Gina fully believe in the MAFS process. Clint believes turning 40 has made him approach love differently and hopes the show will lead him to his soul mate. Believing that family is one of the most important things in life, Clint hopes to have children of his own soon. Gina, 36, has spent several years getting over a difficult breakup and hopes to be matched with someone who is open to travel and career success. She is also ready to start a family.

The final couple is Kirsten and Shaquille. Kirsten, 32, believes her success scares men away, which has affected her life. She’s ready to get married and have children, but she won’t settle for anyone who doesn’t meet her standards. Shaquille is 31 years old and has spent the last few years working on himself in therapy. Now he believes he is ready to get married and start a family with the right person.

Season 16 is expected to see the return of Pastor Cal, Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pia Holec and Devon Franklin as a panel of experts. The new season premieres in early 2023.

Married at First Sight Season 15 Reunion airs Wednesday, November 2, 2022 at 8:00pm/7c on Lifetime.

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