Madhya Pradesh Home Minister says that there is no egg, chicken in the food of teen households

The notification to the Official Journal was published on 25 August.


Ten days after an official notification on the gazette to serve eggs and chicken to the homes of minors in Madhya Pradesh, State Interior Minister Narottam Mishra said it would not be implemented in the “state”.

In the Gazette Notification of Madhya Pradesh Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Rules, 2002 issued by the state for the development of women and children, chicken and eggs were included in the list of food served in state hospices for minors. Department.

It was published on August 25 and is available on the official website of the Department of Press and Chancellery.

On Sunday, when reporters asked Mr. Mishra about the notification, he replied: “It will not be allowed in Madhya Pradesh. There is confusion on the matter. There is no such proposal pending with the state government, and things like that. it will not be implemented in the state.

The notification states that “each child care facility must strictly adhere to the minimum nutritional standard and dietary scale specified below.” Food items mentioned in the official journal notification list include 115 grams of chicken once a week and eggs four days a week, with the exception of other food items such as lentils (lentils), rajma, grams, milk and vegetables.

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