‘love Island UK’ Molly-Mae is pregnant and excited to have her first child with Tommy Fury

Season five runners-up revealed their pregnancy on Instagram on Sunday. Love Island UK fans are celebrating today because Molly-May Hague is expecting!

In a heartfelt Instagram message posted on Sunday, Haig, 23, and boyfriend Tommy Fury, 23, revealed they are expecting their first child together.

The video opens with a clip of Haig and Fury’s parting words to love island season five in 2019, during which Haig tells Fury, “I love you so much and I can’t wait for experiences we haven’t even dreamed of yet.”

The duo can be seen posing together later in the film, each placing a hand on Haig’s expanding belly. You can check more related articles on Click the links given below:

Haig and professional boxer Fury have been together ever since they first met on the British dating programme three years ago. Haig has been the creative director of British fashion store PrettyLittleThing since 2021.

Molly-May Hague is pregnant
Molly-May Hague is pregnant

After taking fans along in their search for their perfect home, they recently bought their first home together in Manchester, England. On her YouTube channel, where more than 1.5 million people follow her and Fury’s life, Hague provided an update on the home search process.

Zoe Haig, sister of the fashion and beauty blogger, says the news release, “I adore all three of you so much. You two will be fantastic parents.

Fury’s family also expressed their love. Tyson Fury, Tommy’s boxer brother, and Paris Fury, his wife, shared the couple’s announcement video on their Instagram stories. Paris called it “greatest news ever.”

Following Haig’s announcement, Maura Higgins, who starred with the parents-to-be on the same season of Love Island, posted some never-before-seen footage to her Instagram story.

She posted a video from The Hague on ultrasound and said “The most wonderful day to meet you. The mother-to-be looks ecstatic as she watches the baby on TV.’

Higgins gave a second close-up of the ultrasound recording as she noted “I already love you so much.” Several former Love Island contestants, including Montana Brown (Season 3), Molly Smith (Season 6) and Francesca Allen, have expressed their happiness for the couple (Season 5).

One of the most famous and successful couples from the British dating program are the parents-to-be. Although Higgins’ arrival at the villa initially threatened Haig and Fury’s relationship, the two remained together throughout the season with little additional conflict.

One of the most heartfelt scenes of the series ever was their reunion after Casa Amor. They started living together in September 2019 after leaving the villa as a couple in July, and they’ve been going strong ever since.

While out for the night in 2021, the couple’s Manchester residence was broken into for almost $860,000, a horrific crime that shocked both celebrities. In a YouTube video uploaded soon after the news broke, Hague called it the worst thing that had ever happened to them.

After the break-in, Fury told The Sun, “When I’m not at home I worry about Molly.” “But I try to ignore it so it doesn’t affect me or my career. I will prevent them from winning. Molly is safe and I’m feeling positive about that.”

Since then, the couple has reportedly kept their first home together, worth more than $3.8 million, more of a secret, while gradually easing up on posting updates about their accommodation.

Final phases

Molly-May Hague and Tommy Fury from Love Island UK are about to find a new housemate. Reality stars go away to be parents for the first time. The couple shared the news in an Instagram video on September 25.

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