‘Life without Granny’: what William said as newly appointed Prince of Wales

In his first statement since Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Prince William said it would be some time before the reality of life when his grandmother didn’t really feel real. The newly appointed Prince of Wales said he would honor the memory of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, by supporting him as her father, King Charles III.

William, who is now the heir to the throne behind his father, King Charles III, said on Saturday that the Queen was “by my side during my happiest times. And she accompanied me in the saddest days of my life.

William, Prince of Wales, said the late queen “provides an example of service and respect in public life that was of a different age, but which has always been important to us all.” He said: “My grandmother used to say that sadness was the price we pay for love. All the sadness we will feel in the weeks to come will be a testament to the love we have felt for our extraordinary Queen. was. “

“As I mourn his loss, I also feel incredibly grateful. I have benefited from the Queen’s wisdom and comfort in my fifth decade. My wife has received 20 years of guidance and support. My three children will spend the holidays with him and create other memories that will last for the rest of his life.

“I knew this day was coming,” he said.

Prince William has promised to support his father, the king, in any way he can. Prince William said: “I will honor the memory of my father, the king, by supporting him in every possible way.”

Charles III, 73, was officially declared Britain’s new monarch in a ceremony on Saturday, immediately succeeding his mother when Queen Elizabeth II, 96, died on Thursday.

On Friday, King Charles awarded William the title of Prince of Wales, a title he had previously held. William’s wife Kate received the title of Princess of Wales, a title previously held by Charles’s late first wife Diana.

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