Lexi Rivera’s boyfriend? Find out about her love life!

American social media star Lexi Rivera based in Los Angeles, amassed 18.3 million subscribers on TikTok and 6.79 million on YouTube. Rivera, who is 20 years old, stands 5’5″ tall and weighs 54 pounds. Her father’s name is John and her mother’s name is Laura; both are Rivera.

Her father runs a shop while her mother stays at home to raise her and her siblings. The Rivera brothers, Blake, Brent and Bryce, are well-known online personalities in their own right. Lexi has a 32″ bust, 24″ hips and 33″ waist. Her beautiful green eyes are a wonderful contrast to her blonde hair.

Alexa Brooke Rivera, or Lexi Rivera as she is better known, is a popular TikTok and YouTube star. The internet star regularly shares videos of herself and her brother Brent Rivera doing gymnastics exercises.

Lexi, 20, is known to her 7.8 million Instagram followers for uploading photos of herself in a swimsuit. Because she is talented and attractive, men who follow her on social media often wonder who she is dating. So, keep reading and you will get all the details about her relationship and more.

Who is Lexi Rivera dating?

Lexi Rivera is rumored to be linked to influential figure Andrew Davila. The claims were never confirmed as true; however, the two have been friends for a very long time and often collaborate on videos on social media.

The fact that Lexi uploaded a video on her YouTube channel with the caption “MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND” led her audience to believe that she was already in a relationship with Andrew. She is believed to have played a prank on her ex-partner Ben Azelart, leading him to believe that she and Andrew were dating in the video.

She also mentions early in the film that the two people in question are just friends, saying that despite the joke, they are “really good friends”. Since he is always taking TikToks with Lexi for their own accounts, their fans are under the impression that they are secretly dating.

What did Lexi and Andrew’s fans say about them?

In the comments section of the parody video that Lexi had posted, there were several fans who couldn’t believe that she wasn’t actually dating Andrew in real life. A YouTube commenter made the following observation: “Realize how in every video she’s joking with Ben like it’s flirty or something, she always uses Andrew lol.”

Who is Lexi Rivera Dating (1)
Who is Lexi Rivera Dating (1)

Someone else wrote: “Lexi and Andrew are just friends but you never know how love can end up. Oh my god they are in love.” A third person said in their letter: “Why do you break Ben’s heart so many times I feel feel so bad for Ben?” A third person said in his letter: “Why do you destroy Ben’s heart so many times, I feel so bad for Ben?”

Ben, ex-boyfriend of Lexi Rivera, who is he?

Ben Azelart, who was previously engaged to Lexi, is also active as a social media influencer. An estimated 7 million people subscribe to his YouTube channel and he has over 5.7 million followers on Instagram. The pair appear to have been seeing each other on and off since she was 15, and they announced their split with a video titled We Broke Up, which was uploaded to YouTube.

Ben’s response to the fact that they broke up was to say, “I think what was difficult was that we wanted to make you happy as well as make ourselves happy.” But I think in the end we failed to do any of these things. He also said they needed “separate” time together.

Age of Lexi Rivera

Lexi Rivera, an actress who was born on June 7, 2001, is currently 20 years old. She was a graduate of Huntington High School and a native of California. She weighs 45 kg and is 5’5″ tall. She first gained fame as a YouTuber, but now TikTok is where her fans are happiest to watch her videos. In the last year, she has accumulated over 414.7 million likes and 19 million followers on TikTok.

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