Let’s get Odell Beckham Jr. a Super Bowl ring from the Chiefs

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Let’s take Odell Beckham Jr Another Super Bowl ring

The OBJ sweepstakes can now begin!

There were rumblings last year about the Chiefs’ former All-connection pro. He eventually joined Los Angeles Ramshowever, and was a crucial part of the team’s journey to Super Bowl LVI when he tore his ACL.

As he continues his rehabilitation, Beckham is considering joining the ramsBuffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs.

Odell Beckham Jr
Odell Beckham Jr

Should Kansas City sign him?

Naturally, general manager Brett Veach has to act if the price makes sense. While the offense is acceptable as it is, you should never be afraid to improve.

Do I believe it will happen?

Most likely not.

If the Rams can turn things around, the NFC is theirs for the taking. I think Beckham loves the LA lifestyle.

Mecole Hardman will still have a breakout season

This is undoubtedly a hot result after four games.

McCall Hardman has just eight receptions for 71 yards so far this season. His heel ailment has hampered Hardman and Mahomes missed it with a couple of long balls.

According to the rule of averages, Hardman should notice this.

But will it lead to a breakout year?

All we can do is wait and see.

Put Hardman on a comeback

On punt returns, not kickoff returns, I was hitting the table for it.

Hardman was selected to the Pro Bowl and to the All-Pro second team for special teams in 2019. He may not return kicks due to his injured heel.

Hardman is at his best outdoors at the end of the day, so maybe we’ll see him there again soon.

Orlando Brown isn’t even close to $25 million

I don’t have a problem with players making self bets, but for Kansas City’s left tackle, things are not looking good right now.

After four weeks, Brown isn’t even in the top 20 at his position. I am aware of PFF’s shortcomings, but the eye test also shows its challenges.

Fortunately, Brown has 13 more games to go in addition to the playoffs.

Last lines:

He was linked to the Chiefs last year. In Super Bowl LVI, he tore his ACL while playing for the Los Angeles Rams. Beckham is considering the Rams, Bills, Ravens, Packers and Chiefs as he recovers.

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