Kristen Cole killed Joffrey Longmouth in House of the Dragon, but why?

The latest episode of Drago’s housen continues the bloody tradition that weddings are a source of disaster in the land of Westeros.

Rhaenyra Targaryen reluctantly agreed to marry Laenor Velaryon in the episode. However, the wedding celebration was interrupted on the first day due to a fight between Kristen Cole and Laenor’s secret lover, Joffrey Longmouth, despite plans for a week of festivities.

But Cole’s attack in the final seconds of the episode seemed to come out of nowhere, leaving many to wonder why Kristen killed Joffrey.

The house of the dragon wedding goes bloody

The focus of House of the Dragon episode five is Rhaenyra’s upcoming wedding to Laenor Velarion, which King Viserys arranged after chapter four.

Renyra suggests that while the couple is married, they should be allowed to pursue their romantic interests because both bride and groom view their union as one of duty rather than love.

Why did Ser Christon kill Joffrey
Why did Ser Christon kill Joffrey

However, this raises a whole other can of worms, as Joffrey Longmouth, Leynor’s secret lover, suggests that Rhaenyra’s proposal must mean that she also has a secret lover of her own, because during the wedding he witnesses Kristen Cole fixed on it.

Joffrey makes a rather bold move by approaching Ser Kristen and openly hints at his knowledge of Cole’s extramarital affair with Rhaenyra.

A short time later, the wedding celebration turns violent when Kristen attacks Joffrey and beats him until he collapses dead on the throne room floor.

Why did Kristen Cole kill Joffrey?

Because of her strong remorse for her relationship with Rhaenyra, Kristen killed Joffrey. Joffrey’s statements drove him crazy because he didn’t want the affair to be revealed.

House of the Dragon executive producer and writer Sarah Hess discussed the reasons behind Kristen’s vehement attack on the official Game of Thrones podcast. She said: “Cole is all about honor, he grew up with nothing, he was a swordsman and a knight errant so he had no money and no position and now he gets this white cloak.

Takes a vow of chastity, which he later cheats on. He wanted to marry Rhaenyra, but she said no due to the great shame she felt as a result.

He contemplates his shame as he sits watching the wedding party, thinking, “I have defiled the princess, and this is what I have done. He is passionately devoted to his mantle and his calling, which I think reflects the fact that he is deeply aware of his shortcomings.

“Joffrey’s only teasing, but he inadvertently touches a nerve that represents Cole’s sense of honor and self-satisfaction, which is what motivates him throughout the rest of the series.” It drives him in life. He finally snaps because he feels he will lose everything if this is discovered.

Unexpected consequences

At the end of the episode, Ser Christon is seen alone in the Godswood contemplating suicide due to his shameful behavior. However, Queen Alicent stops him and convinces him to think again before he can do the deed.

Although this is only a short run on the show, Ser Kristen’s relationship with the queen and her children in the upcoming Targaryen civil war changes dramatically from this point on in the books.

The scenario is particularly heartbreaking because both Alison and Kristen were used as tools by Rhaenyra, who tricked Alison into her nocturnal wanderings in episode 4 and forced Kristen to break her vow of virginity to serve as her sidekick.

Last lines

Sir Kristen does not say why he killed Joffrey, who was in love with Sir Lenore, but it seems likely that he did so because he thought Joffrey was mocking his relationship with Rhaenyra, which angered and embarrassed him.

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