Krishna, Penna rivers in spate in Andhra Pradesh

The Krishna and Penna rivers continued their full flow in Andhra Pradesh as the rains did not stop, keeping the official machinery at the limit.

Floods at the Prakasam Dam on the Krishna River in Vijayawada reached 4.43 lakh cusec on Saturday afternoon, but remained constant with the first warning sign.

The Somsila Reserve on the Penna River in the SPS Nellore district also received a lot of water, filling it to 91.40% of the total reservoir level. According to data from the Water Resources Information Management System, the inflow was recorded at 44,493 cusec, while the outflow was 50,745.

35,000 cusecs of water were released from the Gandikota reservoir in the YSR Kadapa district and 37,556 cusecs from Mylavaram. According to the National Disaster Management Authority, the flooding of the Srisailam reservoir on the Krishna River was low and there was less upstream flow.

With the release of 4.50 lakh cusec of water in Srisailam, the flow into the downstream Nagarjuna Sagar increased to 3.93 lakh cusec in the evening. Additionally, Dr. KL Rao Sagar Pulichintala’s reservoir also received 3.92 lakh cusec of water, but the flow was controlled at 3.41 lakh cusec as a 9.77 billion cubic foot flood cushion.

This story was posted unchanged in the text of a news agency feed.

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