Kim Kardashian makes a casual appearance at Tracee Ellis Ross’ birthday party in full Halloween gear

Kim K dressed up for a pre-Halloween gathering, only to find out it wasn’t a costume party. The Kardashian celebrity and businesswoman spent the weekend in full Mystique regalia, wearing the iconic blue latex suit, face paint and red, slicked-back hair from the X-Men franchise.

A number of famous actresses, including Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn, have played the mutant in the X-Men films. On October 30, Kardashian posted an Instagram story in which she showed off a selfie of herself and Tracee Ellis Ross, who was celebrating her birthday that day.

When it wasn’t a costume party, Kardashian went all out for a birthday dinner. β€œTo the most beautiful, compassionate soul I know, @traceeellisross, Happy Birthday!” Kardashian’s costume was put to good use, though. Over the weekend, she and her two best friends, Olivia Pearson and Natalie Halcro, dressed up as X-Men characters.

Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume
Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume

Photos posted by Kardashian on Instagram depict Pearson as Magic and Halko as Celine. As far as we can tell, Kardashian still made the most of her night out and her provocative outfit. The Skims founder was photographed and filmed wearing a blue suit. She went to another party where dressing up was encouraged.

She also appeared in a shot with Diddy, who was dressed as the Joker (and looked the part), which she posted to her Instagram story. Kardashian captioned the photo “never broke character,” referencing Diddy’s series of Instagram images of him posing as The Joker from The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger died tragically in 2008.

Family members other than the Kardashians also made elaborate Halloween costumes and decorations. The four Jenner sisters, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall, posted pictures of themselves in various Halloween costumes.

Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume
Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume

From Kim Kardashian Barker as Chucky’s bride to Kendall mocking her cucumber moment on Keeping Up with the Kardashians as a mermaid, the family went all out for the party.

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