Kerala youth killed by girlfriend for refusing to end relationship

Thiruvananthapuram: A 23-year-old radiology student was poisoned by his girlfriend in Thirvananthapuram, Kerala. According to reports, the girl took this drastic measure as he did not want to end the relationship. She was taken into custody when she confessed to the crime after eight hours of police questioning. Died in hospital on October 31, 2022.

The boy, Sharon Raj, and the girl, Grishma, 22, were in a relationship for about a year. According to sources, their relationship ran into trouble in February 2022, after which her wedding was arranged with someone else. However, they continued their relationship.

After Grishma got engaged to the other guy in September 2022, she started trying to distance herself from Sharon, which irritated him. He allegedly threatened her to show her fiance pictures of them to break up the engagement. She decided to kill him to get him out of her life after that.

According to sources, she invited him to her house in the absence of her parents and offered him Ayurvedic medicine. She mixed a pesticide called Kapiq into the drink. When Sharon complained that the mixture was too bitter, she gave him juice to drink. After consuming it, he apparently vomited and later left with his friend who was accompanying him. He later became violently ill after vomiting several more times and was admitted to the hospital. According to the doctor, his vomit was bluish-green in color. In his statements, he said that he did not doubt anyone.

After his death, the police started questioning Greeshma and her family. Although she initially denied knowing anything, she began to crack after continuous questioning. She confessed to poisoning Sharon and was taken into custody. According to her, she tried to use softer methods to dissuade him from the relationship, but after failing, she decided on this drastic step.

She tried to convince him by saying that there was a mistake in her horoscope and her first husband was destined to die. She will marry the other man and after his death she will marry Sharon. But he didn’t buy it.

According to Additional Director General of Police, Ajith Kumar, Sharon’s brother called Grishma repeatedly to ask her what she mixed in his drink. However, she did not reveal anything out of fear and insisted that it was just an Ayurvedic medicine. He said that if she had told him what she gave him, Sharon could have been saved.

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