Kenny Lattimore: Is he gay? Learn more about his life!

US born R&B singer Kenny Lattimore is estimated to be worth $2 million. In addition to his current wife, Judge Faith Jenkins, Kenny is also known for his marriage to singer Shante Moore. Kenny Lattimore was born in the District of Columbia on April 10, 1970. Playing in the school band in Maryland sparked his interest in a future in the music business.

After graduating from Howard University, he began his career as a studio vocalist for the band Maniquin. He then moved on to other things in his career. His friend Maniken invited him to join the band and sing lead. Then in 1989, the band released only one album.

His self-titled debut album was released in 1996. As a result of two Top 20 singles, the album was certified gold. When he released two additional albums in the late 1990s and 2000s, they did well and brought him even more attention. He then began collaborating with his wife, singer Shante Moore, on album projects.

Is Kenny Lattimore gay?
Is Kenny Lattimore gay?

They had two popular albums in the early 2000s. Uncovered/Covered, their second album, debuted at #10 on the Billboard R&B charts and #2 on the Gospel Albums chart. Another Kenny album under his own name, “Timeless”, was released in 2008. A record company he founded at the same time is equally significant. He can’t seem to stop releasing albums and singles.

Is Kenny Lattimore gay?

As he has only had relationships with women in the past, he does not consider himself gay.

Who is Kenny Lattimore married too?

The wedding of singer Shante Moore to Kenny Lattimore took place in Jamaica in January 2002. The ceremony was attended by their family and friends. The couple welcomed their first child together on April 10, 2003, a son they named Kenny Lattimore Jr.

Kenny and Shante’s decision to end their marriage and file for divorce became public in July 2011. On March 8, 2020, Kenny married a judge named Faith Jenkins, who was from the United States.

Education of Kenny Lattimore

When Kenny Lattimore was a student at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt, Maryland, he participated in the school orchestra. The school was located in the state of Maryland. It was at this time that he first became interested in music.

Is Kenny Lattimore gay?
Is Kenny Lattimore gay?

He is very grateful to Dr. Barbara Baker for guiding him on the path he is currently on and does so regularly. At the 2005 Eleanor Roosevelt High School graduation ceremony, Lattimore was the guest speaker. He delivered the graduation speech. He graduated with honors from Howard University, which is located in Washington, DC. He was awarded the degree.

Career of Kenny Lattimore

After spending some time providing session vocals for the R&B group Maniquin, he eventually became the group’s lead singer. His promotion came as a result of his previous work with the group. Before signing with Mca Records, D’extra Wiley, who was a member of R&B group Ii D Extreme in the 1990s, was also briefly a member of Maniquin.

Maniquin was D’extra Wiley’s previous band before he signed with Mca Records. Shortly before D’extra Wiley signed with Mca Records, Maniquin was already in the making. Epic Records released the band’s only self-titled album in 1989, the year it was released to the public.

Is Kenny Lattimore gay?
Is Kenny Lattimore gay?

Both sonically and lyrically, it was a direct response to Pebbles’ popular song “mercedes Boy”, and the band’s debut single was titled I Wanna Ride. Charlie Wilson, who is best known for his work with The Gap Band, contributed to both artists’ albums as a producer and co-writer. Soon after, Lattimore decided to leave Maniquin to pursue a career as a solo artist, eventually leading to the group’s breakup.

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