Kendall Jenner dressed up as a cucumber for Halloween and poked fun at a popular video

for halloween Kendall Jenner dressed as a cucumber poking fun at a meme that went viral earlier this year about her questionable cucumber-slicing abilities.

It’s no secret that when Halloween rolls around, many celebrities go all out. The Kardashians and Jenners, in particular, have built a reputation for their extravagant costumes, and as a result, fans look forward to and speculate about what they’ll be wearing each year.

Kendall Jenner chose to model a few different costumes for Halloween, unlike Kim Kardashian, who decided to prank her fans by dressing up as Mystique from the X-Men series and turning blue. Some people are much funnier than others.

First she wore a Jessie costume from Toy Story

She first put on a Toy Story Jessie costume. But the latest Halloween outfit she’s unveiled pays great homage to a popular meme the influencer got caught up in earlier this year.

In brand new TikTok, Kendall released a video of himself, disguised as a cucumber slice, posing for the camera, grinning and holding a knife. The supermodel rose to fame in May after a clip by the Kardashians showed her cutting a cucumber.

Kendall Jenner Halloween Dress
Kendall Jenner’s Halloween Dress

It’s clear from the scene that she’s having a hard time cutting him off. Kendall responded to her mother Kris Jenner’s warning to ‘be careful’ by stating: ‘I’m absolutely not a good cutter so don’t come near me. I am by no means a professional.

The incident quickly became a worldwide internet meme, with videos receiving millions of likes and comments. Although Kendall Jenner has not mentioned the incident as her cucumber Halloween costume is a fantastic tribute to it and is sure to go viral.

Kendall Jenner isn’t afraid to laugh at herself

The 26-year-old model dressed up as a cucumber for Halloween to parody a popular scene from a May episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Her second Halloween costume of the weekend is the one she’s wearing right now. A crop top with yellow and red embellishments, a red wide-brimmed cowgirl hat from Gladys Tamez Millinery and La Roxx cow print pants paired with sassy Y/Project belted denim pants were part of Kendall’s sexy interpretation of Jessie from Game of Thrones the toys.

She accessorized her cucumber costume with a fake kitchen knife, green spandex leggings, and bright green makeup. I’m giving away fruit and veg tonight,’ she captioned an Instagram photo of herself wearing the outfit.

Hailey Bieber just typed the word “Cryin” in response to Kim Kardashian’s three crying and laughing emojis.

In a scene from Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan’s character says, “In the female world, Halloween is the only night of the year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girl can say anything about it.” Kendall also showed off the outfit in TikTok.

Kendall visited her mother, Kris Jenner, during the viral incident that served as inspiration for the Halloween costume, and started making herself a snack after turning down her mother’s offer to have their chef make one for her. She sliced ​​the cucumber clumsily, holding the knife in one hand and the end of the cucumber in the other, at one point crossing her arms over each other.

Her mother had warned her: “I’m absolutely not a good cutter, so don’t go near me,” she advised viewers, admitting she was “a bit scared”. I am by no means a professional.”

When she shared a TikTok video of their sister Kourtney Kardashian’s Italian wedding to Travis Barker and captioned it, Kylie Jenner also poked fun at the trending topic.

Final lines

Kendall Jenner dressed up as a cucumber for Halloween, a nod to a meme that went viral earlier this year about her questionable cucumber-slicing abilities. Her second Halloween costume. Kendall wore La Roxx cow print pants with Y/Project denim shorts with a belt, yellow and red embellished button-up, and a red wide-brimmed cowboy hat from Gladys Tamez Millinery.

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