Kel Mitchell talks about meeting Kenan Thompson at the Emmys

Kenan Thompson got nostalgic while hosting the 2022 Emmy Awards on Monday, September 12, but perhaps the best moment of all was meeting his A good burger colleague Kel Mitchell.

The moment came during a section of the orchestra bar where Obi-Wan Kenobi star Kumail Nanjiani played the “honorary bartender.” In the sketch, Thompson approached a man slumped at the end of the bar. That person turned out to be Thompson’s longtime collaborator, Mitchell, who said, “You know what…can I get a good burger.”

Thompson responded in kind, saying, “Let’s make two good burgers,” before throwing in some kung fu moves and teasing, “The sequel is coming at you!”

Mitchell and Thompson starred in the popular Nickelodeon sitcom Kenan and Kel from 1996 to 2000 and the cult favorite from 1997 A good burger. In the past year, Thompson has hinted at a A good burger sequel, before this narration The show tonightJimmy Fallon that they’re “working harder than ever.”

As for Mitchell, he was more than happy to show up at the Emmys for the surprise reunion, even agreeing to forego the red carpet. “They had to hide me the whole time I was here,” Mitchell said The Hollywood Reporter. “I was ready to walk the carpet and everything, but they said, ‘No, let’s hide you.’ That way, it could be a big moment. But, yeah, man, it was really fun. We knew this would be a crowd pleaser.”

However, as much as Mitchell enjoyed meeting Thompson, his favorite moment of the night was Sheryl Lee Ralph’s win for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy. “I mean, that speech was so moving,” Mitchell said. “It was a beautiful moment and I love this show too. Abbott Elementary it’s amazing.”

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