Kejriwal has claimed that he will withdraw cases against agitators if AAP comes to power

Bhavnagar: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, addressing a public meeting in Gujarat’s Bhavnagar, promised to withdraw the cases against various movement leaders within fifteen days of the formation of AAP government in the state.

He also promised the civil servants union that the AAP would restore the services of those employees who were “punished in the form of transfer or suspension”.

Kejriwal said, “Now people are looking for a new engine to run the government, they are no longer interested in a dual engine government as claimed by the BJP.”

He urged people to give AAP one chance, adding that if people are not happy with AAP’s rule in the state, he will not come to seek votes for his party next time.

Kejriwal further said that according to the intelligence report, “AAP formed the government in the state after the elections but with a very small margin ie 92 or 93 seats”.

“If the party comes to power with only 92-93 seats, these people will bring in AAP MLAs and stop AAP from forming a government, these are very clever people,” he said, adding that he wanted a “bulk” majority and a “strong” government .

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