Keerthy Suresh Treats Us To A View Of Her Delicious Sadya Meal On Dussehra

We agree that holidays are incomplete without mouth-watering sweets and sumptuous meals. And just like many of us, celebrities love to enjoy the holidays by gorging themselves on delicious food. And showing us how it is none other than Keerthy Suresh. The actress scored Dussehra with a special sadya meal. Keerthy posted a photo on Instagram sharing glimpses of Dussehra’s celebration at her home. Besides the flashy actress wearing a traditional dress and doing a puja to her car (as part of Ayudha puja), what also caught our attention was her delicious meal.

The special sadya meal was served to the actress on a banana leaf. On top we saw steamed white rice, avial and something that appeared to be a dry bean blend. There are a variety of chutneys (pachadi) and also a pickle. We were also able to spot pappadam (fryums) on the side. For a sweet indulgence, even a delicious payasam gave way to her plate. Keerthy said: “Celebration, holidays and delicious food!” You also added the hashtags “Ayudh Puja”, “Dussehra” and “Navratri 2022”.

It seemed:

If you’re looking forward to adding some drool-worthy South Indian recipes to your menu, here’s a list to refer to. We have mentioned about five popular recipes in different parts of South India. Check them out.

1) Red avian and Kerala rice

If you are familiar with South Indian cuisine, you must know avial. It is a thick blend of several types of vegetables, including thighs, potatoes, and carrots, all cooked together in coconut oil and mustard seeds. It is tasty and filling. It is usually served with red rice. This makes for an enjoyable and delicious meal.

2) Peerkangai Kootu

It is a famous dish of Tamil Nadu. This amazing delicacy combines moong dal and ridge gourd with an array of warming spices. It can be best accompanied with rice and rasam. If you wish, you can also enjoy it with rotis.

3) Allugedda mashed potatoes masala

It is basically the cooking style of Karnataka potato curry. Allugedda Mashed Potato Masala is a simple dish made with ingredients readily available at home. The best part? This delicacy does not need any special precautions and can be prepared quickly every day.

4) Panasa puttu koora

If you don’t like jackfruit, this recipe could change your view of food. Panasa puttu koora is basically an Andhra-style curry cooked with jackfruit. In this dish, the kathal pieces are first marinated in spices and mixed with a variety of masala. So try this.

5) Parotta Malabari

How about eating Malabari food? Yes, you can have this delicious Malabari parotta with rich coconut curries or other heavenly stews. Also known as barota, it is served hot with a dollop of clarified butter. You can make it at home and even gift it to your guests every time they come home.

So, now, whenever you want to delve into South Indian meals, you can always help yourself from this list.
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